Let's Get Cosmic 
by Planet News by Zoe


Hi my name is Zoe, pronounced Zoh-EE!


Creator of Planet News by Zoe, I'm an artist, astrologist and a highly intuitive soul. Born and raised in Southern California, I have always been drawn to the metaphysical world. I’m also very sensitive to the energies around me and always wondered why? When I discovered astrology I learned more than I could imagine about myself and why I am here. I'm a healer, a guidance coach and a light-worker. I'm here to be of service to humanity. Astrology is a highly intelligent system that can help us understand the on going cycles we are in. This is a gift to all of us. It is my passion to help others understand the cycles at play within their own lives. I believe when you are on the path of constant self-discovery, you are healing yourself and essentially healing our world at large.


Zoe you are my Earth Angel! Zoe you pulled me out of the darkness, and put me on my spiritual path to learn more about forgiveness, myself, the universe, and the light. My life has improved 100% because of You!

Sheryl Coppa

Fairvhaven, Massachusettes

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