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1:1 Capricorn New Moon: Sacred Beginnings [Dec 23]

The richly rewarding Capricorn New Moon is exact on Friday, December 23.

Dec 23 activates the Royal Star of the Lion number which we’ll fully experience in 2023.

At 1° Capricorn the new beginnings factor for this new moon is particularly strong!

Jupiter’s arrival at 00° Aries – the first zodiac sign – makes a powerful connection to this New Moon at 1° Capricorn.

In fact, Jupiter begins a new 12-month cycle right now in conjunction with the Solstice and the New Moon, truly an auspicious Star Code activation!

Jupiter governs joy, trust, optimism, growth and abundance.

Enjoy expansive, fresh starts and a deep sense of trust in Source, Creator to just go with the flow…

Jupiter’s powerful connection to the New Moon gives you a lot of FAITH.

Love Light Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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