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222 Heart Template Activation

There is excitement in the air! A once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event occurs Tuesday, 2/22/2022, that will ripple out for years to come. In just hours we will be immersed in magical ‘2’ energy all day. 2 represents our Mother, the High Priestess, the Goddess essence. Tuesday’s infusion of ‘2’s awakens and strengthens sacred feminine qualities in all of us.

The divine Goddess Infusion will alter and transform the global operating system from the dissolving hierarchical patriarchy into a more equitable circle of collaboration, community and expansion. This is a threshold moment for humanity and Gaia. It is an entry point in a new direction, away from rampant consumption, destruction, and disregard for life on planet earth.

The double dose of 222 Goddess infusion provides the opportunity to activate the sacred union template, the cosmic Vesica Piscis (two interlocking rings) – to come alive in your heart center and light body. This is the new template of divine love, of yin/yang balance, of ONEness vibrating within your being in the New Earth.

The Goddess returns in all her glory! As we gather together in sacred space in the 222 Gateway, we welcome the Goddess blessings and benevolence as we activate the sacred heart template of universal love, balance and harmony. Let’s join AA Metatron in this auspicious 222 gateway and alchemize a world of peace. Step into the Goddess Infusion and plant your seeds for 2022 and beyond.

Lovingly, Meg

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