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7:7:7:7 Cancer New Moon: Unplug and Thrive!

Welcome a gorgeous Cancer New Moon on June 28 (Americas) and June 29 (rest of the world).

The New Moon in Cancer is exact on June 29 (3:52 am) Universal Time.

New Moons are always a perfect time to start fresh projects with newfound passion and enthusiasm.

In this case the new energy is especially potent:

29 reduces to 11 and opens the portal of double new beginnings.

With the Sun and Moon at 7° Cancer, you are starting a new phase which honors rest, nurturing, appreciation of nature and the voice of your Heart – your Intuition.

Amazingly, Jupiter is also at 7° in Aries creating an exact square to the New Moon.

And Venus joins the party at 7° Gemini – with a lovely sextile to Jupiter.

This sets up a beautiful 7:7:7:7 code of joy, abundance, beauty and love!

In astrology Cancer rules the 4th house of the home. It is the sign aligned with the Moon – nurturing, sweet, caring and protective.

Just as Jupiter and Venus are soothing us with joy, this New Moon is embracing us with LOVE.

You are so much more open to inviting happiness into your life – at all times.

Joyful Blessings!

Tania Gabrielle

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