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Aquarius New Moon – Revolution

The Aquarius New Moon is the begining of the lunar New Year. This New Moon is time for a Revolution. There is an ongoing upgrade in energy and awareness. You may be noticing it yourself as you see things differently and your perceptions have shifted. This is taking place because you’re releasing old patterns, making room to see the truth. The Aquarius New Moon is futuristic, helping you see options that you never thought were possible. It doesn’t mean they are happening right now, but things are in the works, guiding you towards a healthy upgrade. Each new moon represents new beginnings. It’s a great time to review your astrology birth chart so that you plant new intentions that relate to the astrology House it’s falling in for you. The New Moon is an introspective time to tune into what matters most and moves your goals forward towards manifesting the fabulous dream life you want.


The Aquarius New Moon is forward thinking, revolutionary and rebellious. It’s a time of deep cosmic wisdom being transmitted into the planet that is upleveling the earth’s energy fields as well as your own. It’s supporting the spiritual and evolutionary elements of humanity. As an air sign, Aquarius relates to your thoughts and truth. Since it relates to the future, it helps you align with your higher goals. It is ruled by Uranus, and relates to being visionary and seeking the truth.

February 1, 2022 at 12:45 am ET (Jan 31 9:45 pm PT) is the time of the Aquarius New Moon. As an air sign there may be a flury of new ideas and inspiration helping you revolutionize your life. Take notes, journal about your ideas so that you’ve got them down.

When Mercury moves direct on February 4th, all planets will be moving direct. This significantly moves your projects and ideas forward, potentially at a very rapid pace. You may feel like things are speeding up or they are moving forward smoothly. Use your astrology birth chart to find out where Aquarius is for you and maximize your ability to manifest your specific goals by setting them to align with the astrology House it falls in for you.

The Sun and Moon in Aquarius help you align with like minded people. It relates to networking and finding groups or people that think similarly to you. It’s also about sharing your wisdom in groups and people that value what you offer. Aquarius helps you discover your truth. As you connect with others, you may discover new information and expand your vision.

This new moon is moving over where Saturn was in 2021. It may be relealing some new truths about the lockdown or virus. Saturn relates to education, rules, laws, restrictions and government. It’s the master of karma. It will be interesting to see what comes to light with the Sun and Moon where Saturn was almost two years later. Since there has been an ongoing theme of breakdown and rebuilding in Aquarius, there is a huge opportunity to change the old way of doing things – either in your personal life or seeing it in the outer world.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Saturn and at a square with Uranus. There has been on ongoing theme of awakening and rebellion. There may be new light or a new way of doing things that is being highlighted. Where Saturn had a strong influence over the past two years, Uranus seems to be taking center stage this year. It’s creating freedom, providing new options that supporting the voice of the people. It’s helping shift perspectives and move the power away from government and to the people, another Aquarius characteristics. As new information comes to light, people may be rebellious about the past restrictions and demand things change.

Venus goes direct January 29th and Mercury goes direct on February 4th. With both Mercury and Venus retrograde in Capricorn, this is helping you rework any details or reconsider what you value and create options. Notice what is transforming and where your perceptions have shifted. Once these planets move direct you’ll have more clarity on which direction to move.

Other Astrology Influences

Capricorn – is heavily influencing the Aquarius New Moon with four planets moving through it – Pluto, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Mercury and Pluto are tightly conjunct. At this conjunction, it’s helping you dig even deeper into unearthing secrets. This may be your personal secrets or hidden elements of yourself or seeing more truth from others coming to light. Since Capricorn relates to government or authority, this could bring to light truths of how the government managed the lockdown and restrictions. The Aquarius New Moon may be shining it’s light on truth.

Venus & Uranus are at a favorable Trine position and both in earth signs – Capricorn and Taurus. Both earth signs relate to banking, money and the economy. Uranus relates to the future and there may be changes in the crypto-currency markets. Uranus wants freedom with currency with world-wide decentralization or will each country manage their own crypto currency? Time will tell.

Aquarius New Moon, manifesting essential oils

Mars & Uranus – Uranus is being energized and activated by Mars. Uranus is planet of awakening, rebellion and revolution. It’s activing you on a deep cosmic level between now and the spring. You may be seeing your truth on different levels as you awaken to deeper wisdom. It may feel distressing or overwhelming as you world transitions. Use your spiritual tools to helps you stay centered and grounded.

Jupiter & Uranus – are at a beautiful sextile. Both planets relate to the future and expansion. This is a powerful opening for consciousness and seeing the future from a new perspective. Look at the silver lining and expand positivity.

Mars & Jupiter – are at a sextile. Mars in Capricorn is initiating something new with courage. Mars loves travelling through Capricorn becauses they both push for the highest vision. Jupiter is expanding your vision and helping you determine where your goals and ideas are moving forward to. Notice what is expanding in your world.

What grand vision does Aquarius provide?

Use the rebelious Aquarius New Moon to set your intentions for it?

Align your goals with your bigger vision.

Happy Aquarius New Moon!

New Moon Manifesting

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