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Closure – Scorpio Full Moon

The Scorpio Full Moon is emotional and intense, as it’s also a lunar eclipse. As an water sign, Scorpio is deeply transformative – mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. Scorpio represents death and rebirth. There are a bunch of planets supporting closing the door on some part of your life and stepping into an upgraded you. It’s the Phoenix rising from the ashes. This Full Moon may provide closure or permanent transformation. Determine what astrology House the Scorpio Full Moon is falling in for you to determine where this change is taking place. Each Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, allowing emotional wounds to surface so that you can heal them. With the opposition of the sun and moon, you are able to see both sides of the transition. It helps you find balance between opposing forces.

Permanent Transformation

The Scorpio Full Moon is providing the opportunity for deep transformation. There is a a sense of reclaiming your power as the Full Moon is conjunct the South Node. There may be a sense of closure is this area of your life or with certain people. You may have new insights about yourself or particular situations. Be mindful of what emotions are coming up and who is triggering you.

The Scorpio Full Moon takes place on May 16, 2022 at 12:13 am ET (May 15 9:13 pm PT). The full moon/eclipse in conjunct the South Node, helping you clear karmic patterns and bonds. Scorpio helps you dig in deeper to the details and discover hidden elements, so that you make informed decisions.

While Scorpio dives deeps, the Taurus Sun wants to simplfy. With the Sun opposite the moon and conjunct the North Node, you may sense of where you are going next. In Taurus, the Sun and North Node are helping you align with what you value most, while the Full Moon and South Node are providing closure. This Full Moon is providing Permanent Transformation that opens up new opportunities as you trust yourself and follow your inner guidance. Closure Like every Full Moon there is need to find balance between the energies of the sun and moon. With Scorpio (moon) there is a sense of resolving deeply embeded emotions and limiting beliefs that hold you back. Scorpio is supporting the purging of emotions and energetic entanglements. The Taurus (sun) wants to simplify things – such as releasing beliefs you have to work hard to make the money you want. When you take a step back from the “minds” limitations, you may see something amazingly simple that you never thought could work.

The Moon in Scorpio has a powerful supportive cast. Both Pluto and Mars rule Scorpio. Pluto in Capricorn is currently retrograde and supporting you in reclaiming your power. It is clearing away the people and situations that dis-empower you. It is helping breakdown old structures that no longer serve society (and you), opening up new avenues to claim your power. Mars in Pisces feels awkward and uncomfortable. Mars wants to take action and get moving, but in Pisces there may be more dreaming than doing. Since Pisces is the last sign of the astrology wheel, Mars is supporting you in finding closure.

The Scorpio Full Moon/Eclipse is cutting cords and pulling the weeds out from the root to make room for something new. Embrace the void and prepare for new possibilities instead of fearing change. What essential oils help you feel optimistic and uplifted? Lavender is calming and soothing, helping you get your message across. Basil and Cilantro help you release old patterns and embrace something new. Frankincense and Black Pepper help you resolve illusions and see the truth. Jasmine helps ignite your passions and trusting yourself. Apply the oils over your pulse points, over your heart or wherever you feel inspired. What essential oils are you drawn to use?

Astrology Support Your life may feel like a wrecking ball has hit it. There are so many planets impacting closure on many different levels – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. Be mindful of these transitions to make the most of them.

Neptune & Mars are conjunct in Pisces and at a sextile with the Sun and trine with the Moon. Neptune is slowing Mars down. Helping you see new options. Because Mars is related to the physical body, you may need to slow down and tune into what your body needs instead of pushing through. This may require more rest, down time and soul care at this time. There may be spiritual downloads (Neptune) being integrated into your physical body (Mars). Be mindful of your body’s needs.

Saturn is squaring off to the Sun and Moon creating tension and friction. Saturn relates to taking responsibility and your authority. You may notice imbalances of power that Saturn helps you break through. Saturn is helping you see the higher path. It is supporting you in seeing your individual attributes within the group (Aquarius). It may be supporting you to stop taking responsibility for others or at least re-evaluate the relationship dynamics. What do you want to move forward with? How are you moving forward without others? There may be a sense of closure to move forward on your terms. Saturn helps you determine what is working and what isn’t so you can make choices that align with your values.

Venus & Chiron in Aries are bringing up emotional wounds and fears. Venus feels out of place in Aries. She feels vulerable and out of sorts. Chiron is supporting you in letting go of feeling unworthy, so you reclaim your power. Venus is upgrading your values, helping you express them fully.

Jupiter is in a new beginning since it’s at zero degrees of Aries. She is starting a new cycle that will continue to upgrade your life over the next twelve years, as it moves through all the astrology signs. Because Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, she is helping you release the stuff that no longer serves who you are becoming. There is a strong sense of owning who you are becoming, even if you haven’t fully stepped into that place, you have claimed it on a spiritual level.

Mercury is retrograde causing miscommunication. It’s helping you slow down, assess what is important, and communicate that message. Your mind may be very busy, but not knowing how to express ideas. The personal planets are on the back burner, as the outer planets are making a bigger impact.

Transform old patterns and find closure so that you can take the next step. Review emotions as the come up or times when you get triggered. Mindfully align with what matters most so you live empowered.

What will you do Release with the Scorpio Full Moon? What parts of you will you Reclaim? Happy Scorpio Full Moon!

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