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Daily Guidance

Dear Ones, you do not need to hear spirit in order to be guided. We are guiding and supporting you all the time! We are the gentle nudge that makes you decide to stop at a location you normally don’t visit where you meet your next beloved. We are the ones that slowed you down just enough to miss the traffic accident on your way to work. We hold you tight when you are in despair and encourage you to keep going because we can see a miracle is right around the corner for you. We are the butterfly that lands in front of you, giving you the glimpse of heaven on earth. We keep your inspired ideas in your awareness until they get so loud you choose to go down the path to your next great discovery. We are always loving you and cheering you on. We are all around you! All you need to do is be willing to see the magic and you will be amazed at the support that is always there to love and guide you forward every step of the way. ~Archangel Gabriel

Shelley Young

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