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December 11th, 2021 – Venus Conjunct Pluto

On December 11th, 2021 Venus is conjunct Pluto at 25° Capricorn. This is just the beginning of a ‘beautiful friendship’.

Not only will Venus and Pluto be holding hands pretty much the whole month of December… but since Venus will be retrograding this month, we have a record of 3 exact Venus-Pluto conjunctions, the last one happening in March 2022.

Venus and Pluto conjunctions are really really intense, even when they last for only 3 days like they normally do.

We are now about to have a 3-month long conjunction. Venus is our feelings, our subjective experience of life – and that includes our values, likes and dislikes, the kinds of things and people we are attracted to. When Venus is conjunct Pluto, some dark Venus truths come to light.

Some uncomfortable, unprocessed feelings ask for release. Pluto demands to get real about what we want – and there’s always something brutal about Pluto’s revelations, no matter how much shadow work we have done in the past, or how spiritually enlightened (we think) we are.

We may think that we know what we want – “I’m just true to my feelings” – but Pluto comes to show us that we don’t.

What we really really want, what we value, the source, the underlying reason for everything, is something so primal, so rooted in our identity, that it is directing our life in a way that leaves us powerless – until we become aware of the dynamic.

Pay attention to any feelings, downloads that happen around this date, because they are really important – and are a major theme in your life for the next 3 months and beyond.

Astro Butterfly

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