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December Full Moon in Gemini: Saying Good Bye to 2021

The Last Full Moon of 2021 Takes Place in Dual Natured Gemini

On December 18, the last Full Moon of 2021 (in curious Gemini) delivers opportunity and a set of extremes all at once. An important twist comes knocking as we celebrate our 2021 efforts. A balancing act between the Moon in Gemini (thoughts, information) and the Sun in Sagittarius (truth, propaganda) will pull on our own personal nature of finding a middle ground. We’ll need to work through deciphering what’s true and what’s not. The Sun in Sagittarius will be looking for the truth. While the Moon in Gemini will be loaded up with lots of questions.

Full Moons deliver high energy but they also mark important celebration points. Celebrate all that you’ve done in 2021—because it has been a trying year. The last twelve months have felt sluggish for most, but through it all some sort of progress has been made. Use this Full Moon to honor your effort — no matter how far you’ve actually gotten. All that you did will help you as you move forward into 2022. And if you feel like you’ve made no progress at all, remember that the universe has a bigger picture in mind for you. We’re always exactly in the place we’re supposed to be to honor our soul’s journey.

A New Twist in the Close Out of our 2021 Story Unfolds

Important developments will come front and center at the point of this December Full Moon. The Moon will be curious, particularly in matters centering around relationships. She will also be bursting with insight and ready to celebrate the journey of 2021 alongside getting ready to move on from its struggle points. Be ready for information, including your own internal thoughts, to come on fast and furiously. Gemini is quick and enjoys juggling all sorts of developments.

Jupiter’s Final Hurrah in Aquarius

OPPORTUNITY Factor! Expansive and GO BIG Jupiter will be cheering this last 2021 Full Moon on in buckets! He will be making a tight trine to the Moon supporting her — and us at the same time. Jupiter will be reminding us of the importance of being innovative in your approach to all that’s going on. Break your old rules and adopt a set of new ones.

At this time, Jupiter is less than 10 days away from leaving the sign of Aquarius (the place he’s been for nearly all of 2021). He won’t come back to this sign for another 12 years! If you haven’t broken some of your old rules or taken steps towards some sort of reinvention, use the celebration of this last 2021 Full Moon and do it!

Venus Station Retrograde in Capricorn

The most telling force in this story will be Venus, the planet of love and money,

At the peak of this December Full Moon, she will begin her station retrograde or backwards. From this point till January 29. 2022 she will begin to weave an important story between ourselves, our relationships, the past and what’s most important to us as we embark upon a new 8 year cycle. The last time Venus went retrograde in Capricorn was in late December 2013 into January 2014.

Venus in Capricorn is about practicality, creating proper boundaries within matters of the heart and being financially savvy. Capricorn prefers to be smart with money and even at times frugal. There may be something that begins now, at this Full Moon, that asks you to become smarter about how you’re spending money. “What’s worth your dollars and what’s not?”

In matters of the heart (which become paramount over the next 40 days or so), Capricorn is realistic, responsible and looking for people that it can make their projects. But with Venus going backwards now an important pull of heart strings may ensue. The past may need to come back in order to make a mends with old hurts. New lines may need to be drawn in order to come up with new karmic agreements of the heart.

Watch for what’s happening in your life with this Full Moon and what Venus may be trying to get you to pay attention to.

Tips for December’s Full Moon in Gemini

1. Use the upbeat energy of the Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) to think about the BIG picture rather than all the minutia that could be weighing you down. Don’t lose sight of the forest because of all the trees getting in your way.

2. Letting anxiety and worry creep in are not the answer to using any emotional energy brewing in the background to your advantage. Think about the positives over the negatives.

3. If something isn’t working properly then it’s up to us to grab ahold of the reigns and take things in a new direction. Big changes can take effect – one baby step at a time. Full Moons are great for making decisions to take things in a new direction— and a new year is right around the corner!

4. Use the past to your advantage. With Venus now preparing to move backwards. we can begin the process of moving out of OLD beliefs surrounding love, value & worth that have been holding us back. A clearing is looking to happen so new beliefs can have a chance to develop.

Crystal B. Astrology

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