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Emotional Release May 05 2023Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The first Lunar Eclipse of 2023 is not for the faint of heart. In evolutionary Scorpio, this is our collective cosmic moment to burn, purge, destroy and otherwise remove everything that has become old, stale or outworn. Sound dramatic? Well, sometimes that’s the only way our souls can learn, is through powerful, intense and all-consuming experiences. Eclipses are a time where all the karmic doorways are flung open and are often accompanied by accelerated change. The Universe has her foot firmly all the way down on the gas now and our best bet is to hold on tight as we hurtle towards our final destination.

Scorpio is a tough placement for the tender Moon, and all we may want to do over this time is withdraw and nurse our wounds. Is this constructive? Yes, perhaps. Privacy to process change and endings is probably what we all need in order to allow our inner Phoenix to rise from the ashes. The gift of Scorpio is being able to transmute pain into power, to transform trauma into growth.

Our psychic awareness is turned all the way up now, so it’s important not to ignore the signs and to trust ourselves and our gut. Like fledgling birds, we need to have the courage to leave the comfort of our nests and spread our newly birthed wings. Staying where it’s safe is not going to serve us, as tempting as it feels.

Ruled by Mars in Cancer, this Lunar Eclipse also has themes of leaving old family and emotional baggage behind. Clinging to the past will only hinder our progress. With Mars in a strong trine aspect to Neptune, we can absolutely access the energies of forgiveness, even in the most difficult of situations. We will need to be careful of taking risky actions, seeing as Mars is also in a square aspect to Jupiter. Slowly, slowly does it, is the warning of this Scorpio Full Moon.

Rituals involving releasing old relationships or situations may be useful, but remember that the energy now is heightened, and we may all too easily lose control and be flooded with emotions from this life or even past lives. It may be better to take a few days to rest, be with our feelings and observe the changes that are unfolding. Adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach seems to be a little more constructive than attempting to control the way that things are going.

The modern ruler of this Eclipse – Pluto – is newly in Aquarius at zero degrees of the sign. This is a glimpse into what the future holds from 2024 onwards, particularly with regards to our closest communities, friendships and relationship with technology. Some of these themes may arise during this Eclipse, albeit in a subtle way.

Most importantly, this Eclipse is about allowing what’s past to be put firmly in the past, even if that means a painful letting go. if we don’t take control and be the ones to initiate this, we could find that the cosmic forces do it for us, for our own highest good. After all, we don’t always get what we want, but we do always get what we need.

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