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February 2023 is a special month.

Of course the 2nd month is a celebration of the number 2 of partnership and love.

This year there is an added gift as the middle of February invokes a 10-day period of amazing intensification.

It all begins on Friday, February 10.

10.2023 is both a 10 Day and 10 Universal Date (2+1+0+2+0+2+3 = 10).

11.2023 is both an 11 Day and 11 Universal Date.

This double intensification pattern continues through February 19.

February 10/1 begins the code and February 19/10/1 ends the code.

This is so special! Embedded in the beginning and ending of the sequence is the number 10/1 of Instant Manifestation, Love and Light and new beginnings…

To launch the 10-day intensification code is an equally powerful event in astrology – a conjunction of Mercury and Pluto.

Under this transit everything you focus on deepens.

New perceptions give way to a new lease on life, and you may experience a profound readjustment or transformation.

You can also enjoy wonderfully profound conversations!

Your desire to make an impact is magnified.

Take this Mercury/Pluto conjunction as a starting off point for 10 days of empowerment and momentum.

Now you have an amazing opportunity to become super conscious of everything you’re thinking about or thinking of doing.

How you think, so you will be.

During these next 10 days nurture your heart.

Observe how there is a form of consciousness in all things.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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