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Full Moon in Leo

A fiery, passionate and heartful Full Moon rises on February 16th at 11.56am EST, close to Valentine’s Day. Leo rules the heart, hearth and family, making this a lunation one to stay close to the ones we love and yearn to protect. It’s also a time of play and joy, of releasing any shame around the full expression of who we really are.

Full Moons are always about release and it may also be a good time to look at what and who we need to let go of in our lives. This sign has the beautiful flaw of allowing its loyalty to be pushed to the limit, which only results in sore hearts and blazing tempers. With this Full Moon, it’s a moment to take stock and only give our loyalty to those who truly deserve it. Leo is a fiercely protective sign, and gives her all to her ‘pride’, her ‘cubs’ and her chosen tribe.

Choices and decisions are also often made during a Full Moon, and it’s common to see themes of culmination and climax. With the Sun in Aquarius, we need to look at how to find a balance between what we desire, what we are personally passionate about and what serves our individual growth, versus what we need to give back to our friendships and communities. It may be that we’ve been over giving or perhaps even taking more than we need. When we aren’t centered in ourselves, when we don’t make the effort to fill our own cups from within and build a shining inferno inside of our hearts, we are prone to seeking out validation and affirmation from others. Validation that we have a right to be here, to exist.

With this in mind, this Full Moon invites us to, instead, seek this essential validation from within ourselves. Not through our friends, family or community. We have remind ourselves that we are Enough. When we truly believe it, we can attract those relationships and connections that do feed our soul, that make us feel as if we have come home, that we belong. If we constantly base our worth on what others say of us, we end up in a vicious cycle of seeking constant external validation. The Leo Full Moon says to let our light shine – unashamedly, unabashedly.

And make no mistake about it, the Moon in Leo is a dramatic placement for La Luna. Dramatically wonderful, warm and passionate, that is! Emotions will run high during this moment in time, making it the perfect period for expressing ourselves through performance, such as dancing, acting, theater or enjoying a great night out with our best people. Leo loves a bit of glitz and glamor, so how can you invite more of that into your world, right now? Life is here for living, and Leo knows how to live large.

Full Moons are classically when we are all wide awake, eager to be with other and celebrate together. With no real difficult aspects – Saturn is quite a distance away from this lunation – it’s a Full Moon where we can all let our proverbial manes down and have a good time. The conjunction of Venus and Mars makes this an especially romantic period, and our hearts can feel full to the brim.


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