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Full Moon in Libra ~ Transforming Relationships


Relationship evolution

Releasing Toxicity


Avoiding drama

Embracing endings

An important Full Moon dawns on the 16th of April, 2022 at 2:55pm EST. It happens just a few days after the much-anticipated Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, making this a moment of pause, reflection and heightened emotional release.

As with all Full Moons, there’s a theme of letting go, but perhaps even more so with this one. Pluto, planet of transformation, is closely connected to La Luna via an intense square. Square aspects are about challenges, changes and ultimately, growth. For without a crisis, how would we expand? Crisis seems to certainly be on this Full Moon’s agenda, but when approached with a more conscious and compassionate frame of mind, it becomes a cosmic opportunity for catharsis and evolution. Pluto is, after all, the energy that transmutes lead into gold and coal into diamonds.

Libra carries within it the theme of relatedness, connection to other and partnership. These Plutonian themes of change, crisis, death and rebirth thus have to do with our closest relationships, and herald a moment in time where we need to fully surrender and let go of those who are truly not meant for us. Those who don’t serve our own highest evolution. The Moon’s energy in Libra tempts us to hold on for fear of being alone, but it’s when we learn to loosen our grip that we find greater intimacy.

Added to this is the building connection of Mercury to Uranus, emphasizing the desire for freedom and openness in all of our relationships. To speak and think in a way that we never have before – what can be called ‘out the box’ thinking. How can we think and speak in a new way towards our closest people? How can we open up more? This is an extra layer on a complex Full Moon.

It’s also always important to study the ruler of the Full Moon, in this case, Venus. She sits in the sign of her exaltation in compassionate Pisces, bringing a softness to the edges of intense Pluto. Venus in Pisces is about forgiving and loving despite the flaws. She preaches to let go with love. And, seeing as Jupiter and Neptune are still so close to each other, having a spiritual perspective on this Full Moon is crucial. Otherwise, it simply becomes a toxic dance of pushing and pulling, of winning and losing, of ‘you’ versus ‘me.’ This is further emphasized by the fact that the Sun is in self-focused Aries, counterbalancing the other-focused energy of Libra. And as we now know with Full Moons, it’s not about fulfilling one side or the other, but about finding some sort of middle ground.

That’s where Libra also finds her strength – in the ability to negotiate and compromise. Aries lends the power of assertion, without which we’d be pleasing others for the sake of our own desires. Relationships can reach a culmination point over this Full Moon, and when we take a conscious approach, spiritual evolution awaits us on the other side.


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