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Gemini Season 2022 Horoscopes


It can be hard to release control, but under Gemini Season, there are many gifts that can be obtained from learning to surrender, sit back, and listen. When we take this stance, new information, new wisdom, and new insights can be learned. This is especially true around the Gemini New Moon on May 30. This New Moon may bring some new wisdom or knowledge into your life that can change the way you have been approaching things. There seem to be many wise teachers coming into your life during Gemini Season, so stay open to the messages. With Jupiter also in Aries, you are becoming a magnet to all that you wish to attract. Under this energy, keep your focus on all the things you wish to expand in your life, rather than the things that you don’t. You will benefit from reading your Jupiter in Aries Horoscope too.


Your health may have been on your mind lately. Gemini Season 2022, is a good time to pay attention to your body and what it needs. If you have been overdoing it, especially after your birthday season, this may be a good time to slow things down and retreat. Alternatively, if you spent your birthday season recharging and filling yourself up under the light of the Sun, then this is a good time to shine your rays and express your true self! You may have to find a balance between these two states, but the energies of the Gemini twins will be your guide. The Gemini New Moon on May 30, will be a power one for you, and could see a bright new career opportunity come your way. Just make sure that your actions and what you agree to are aligned with your worth and what you truly wish to give your time to.

Gemini Happy Birthday! You are taking another trip around the Sun, and the Universe is going to be on your side. If your birthday falls close to the May 30 New Moon, this will be a year of new beginnings for you. Alternatively, if your birthday falls close to the June 14 Full Moon, this will be a year of completion and endings for you. As Mercury, your ruling planet will be in retrograde for most of the Season, it is going to be important for you to move slowly and to be patient. Avoid rushing ahead, over-communicating, or promising more than you can deliver. If something feels off, foggy, or confusing, this is your sign that it’s time to go within, get still, and align with your inner voice. As the Sun shines down on your corner of the zodiac, you may also find yourself needing to rest and recharge. Be sure to give yourself plenty of opportunities to do this.

Cancer For the first part of Gemini Season, you may find yourself needing to recover, retreat, and build up your energy stores. The Eclipse energies have been strong and seeing as you are ruled by the Moon, you tend to feel them more than most. If any change or transformation has come your way, give yourself plenty of space to integrate all that has unfolded. As the Gemini New Moon peaks on May 30, things will lighten for you, and you will start to feel the Eclipse energies fading into the background. This New Moon will bring fresh new energy into your life and will help to lighten any heaviness you may be feeling. Your superpower through Gemini Season will be listening to your intuition and focusing on your spiritual growth. If you keep your awareness centered here, you are likely to experience an awakening or ah-ha moment that helps lift and inspire you.

Leo Perhaps you have found yourself needing to push or forge ahead through some challenging situations recently. While the first part of Gemini Season may continue this trend, as we move into June, things will begin to lighten and you will start to notice the rewards of all your hard work. As a Leo, you have the strength and courage of a lion! There is very little you can’t handle when you put your mind to it, but what you have to watch out for here is allowing your ego to become too involved. Why are you doing what you are doing? What do you have to prove? If you find yourself making decisions because of what other people will think of you, this may be a good time to stop, pause, and reflect before moving ahead. With Mercury in Retrograde, things may feel slow and sluggish anyway, so use this to your advantage and take your time before making any decisions- especially if they are big ones! The Full Moon on June 14, falls in fellow fire sign, Sagittarius, and will shine up your life in a beautiful way! Expect rewards or something coming to fruition for you under this Full Moon

. Virgo You may have been feeling confused about this next chapter of your life and how to proceed. In the early half of Gemini Season, this feeling of foggy confusion may continue. Mercury, your ruling planet is in retrograde and this may make things hard to figure out. If you are dealing with miscommunications or contract disputes especially, be patient and know that as we move into June, things will become softer and easier to navigate. The Gemini New Moon on May 30, could very well bring a new career opportunity your way, or help to fill your life with a greater sense of purpose. If this is something that would interest you, put yourself out there around this time. You never know what new opportunities and inspirations may come your way!

Libra Nothing ever stays the same. Life is constantly in a state of ebb and flow. Sometimes this is easy to accept, and other times it can be more difficult. The recent Eclipses have probably landed you in a new place, but come the Gemini New Moon on May 30, you are going to start feeling much more confident about it all and more prepared to begin this new chapter. As you move along this journey, you may find yourself needing to keep an open mind about things. This is your chance to push your mind to new dimensions and take in wisdom from those around you. You may even feel inspired to take a short course, learn a new skill, or do some research on a certain topic. Stay open to any inspirations and intuitive pings that are sent along the airwaves, and keep your thoughts aligned with abundance, rather than limitation.

Scorpio You have been getting a particularly hard workout during Eclipse Season. Perhaps your life has been turned upside down or you have found yourself confronted with a lot of change, or even a painful ending. No matter what has transpired, Gemini Season offers you a much-needed break! Especially as the Gemini New Moon peaks on May 30, things will settle and it will be easier to return to your center. Your focus under the Gemini Sun is on grounding yourself and your energy. Especially when there is a lot of change around you, it is important to focus on feelings of comfort, security, and stability. Spending time in nature may also be extra healing and rejuvenating at this time. The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14, may bring a work project to a close, but it does promise a new chapter or perhaps a new opportunity that stems from this. Stay open; the Universe is on your side!

Sagittarius Gemini rests opposite you on the zodiac wheel, so its energy is always something you are going to feel closely. Gemini Season will shine a spotlight on your relationships, helping you to deepen your connections or perhaps set some boundaries. Gemini is all about communication, so you may find yourself needing to have conversations with others to let them know where you stand. Part of being a good communicator is learning how to listen, and especially with Mercury in Retrograde, it is advised to choose your words carefully and to proceed slowly. If you have to sign any contracts under the Gemini Sun, read them through three times over and be sure to ask questions if something doesn’t make sense. Your intuition is usually pretty spot on, so be sure to trust any pings it gives you.

Capricorn Gemini is very social energy, and under the Gemini Sun, you are being encouraged to make time for your friends and family. Having meaningful connections with others can be food for the soul, so ensure you are making it a priority. If you have been feeling isolated or lonely, especially since the pandemic, you can use the energy of Gemini Season to join a community or club, or put yourself out there when it comes to meeting new people. You will find the greatest success with this towards the end of Gemini Season, so don’t worry if you are not in the mood right away. In the first part of Gemini Season we are still dealing with the Eclipse energies, and working through matters of the past. Once this passes, there will be far more inspiration to focus on your social life and making new connections.

Aquarius Gemini Season is a time for you to get your affairs in order. As a fellow air sign, it asks for you to get organized, to handle any outstanding paperwork or bills, and to clear any clutter from around the home. Having an organized space and life can help to bring clarity to your mind, and can allow you to see things from a new perspective. If your mind is full of clutter, you can also use the energies of Gemini Season to create some stillness. If you have been meaning to take up a new meditation practice or perhaps try yoga, this is the perfect energy to begin! The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14, may shine a light on a dream or goal you have been working towards. You may see the results of that goal or dream come to fruition, or you may just find that you can see and express it with greater clarity. Either way, get in touch with your dreams and desires under this Full Moon and know they very well can become a reality.

Pisces The Eclipse energies have been radiating strong through your life, but Gemini Season offers some reprieve. Perhaps you have been confronted with a fear or have found your fears triggered in some way. The best way to conquer your fears is to face them head-on. You know the old saying- feel the fear and proceed anyway. Gemini Season 2022, is also a good time to think about what fears are holding you back, and how they may be preventing you from living the life you truly desire. The Gemini New Moon on May 30, may bring some inspiration your way and allow you to come face to face with any fears that may be lurking in your subconscious. This New Moon may also inspire a transformation of sorts, allowing you to start a fresh new chapter. If you have been feeling weighed down by the Eclipse energies, this New Moon will feel like a welcome breath of fresh air.


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