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Gemini Season Horoscopes May-June 2023

Gemini Season runs from May 21st until June 21st. Gemini is represented by the twins. One twin is mortal, the other immortal, representing both body and soul. The mortal twin is our reminder that life is temporary and that we are here for a physical experience, whereas the immortal twin reminds us that our soul is forever and we are spiritual beings by nature.

Gemini is also connected to the element of air and the planet Mercury, so during the Season, energy tends to be concentrated in our minds. Our thoughts can be more powerful but also more consuming. We may find ourselves having brainwaves, moments of clarity, or even ah-ha moments. Just the same, we can find ourselves fixated, overthinking, or being too self-critical.

Gemini is also a very social energy, encouraging us to get out and mix with others, communicate, and share our story. We may even feel guided to put pen to paper or start that podcast.

Some key events for Gemini Season 2023, include the Aldebaran Gateway from May 28-29, the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 3rd, Venus’ move into Leo on June 5-6th, Pluto’s return into Capricorn on June 11th, the Gemini New Moon on June 17th, and Saturn Retrograde on June 17th.

Let’s dive deeper into what this means for you and your zodiac sign with your Gemini Season Horoscopes (you can read for both your Sun and Rising Sign).

Horoscopes for Gemini Season May – June 2023

  • Aries

  • Taurus

  • Gemini

  • Cancer

  • Leo

  • Virgo

  • Libra

  • Scorpio

  • Sagittarius

  • Capricorn

  • Aquarius

  • Pisces


Shortly after the Sun moves into Gemini, we experience the Aldebaran Gateway, or the Silver Gate Portal as it is sometimes known. The Silver Gate Portal is a time when our mental energy reigns strong. We can think more clearly, receive downloads, and unlock wisdom with greater ease. If there is a problem you need solved, or something you are looking for answers to, the Silver Gate Portal is a wonderful time to seek those answers. Do some additional research, reach out to others, schedule a consultation with an expert, or simply sit in meditation, trusting your intuition. The Silver Gate Portal will be most active on May 28-29, but will linger for a few days either side of these dates too. With our minds supercharged, we may feel ready to approach June with confidence. The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 3rd holds some abundant, optimistic energies, but could also stir some tension. It feels to be a mixed-bag Full Moon that may get you thinking deeper about something in your life. Whatever comes up, try to take a philosophical approach. See if you can expand your view and the way you are choosing to think about things. Sometimes turning things upside down and looking at things in a new way can help to bring deeper insights. Under this Full Moon, you may also feel the desire to travel. If you have wanted to get away, this Full Moon would be a good time to take action. Choose somewhere you haven’t been before, and watch how it opens and expands your mind! On June 5-6, Venus will enter Leo; this is significant as Venus will retrograde in Leo on July 23rd. Pay attention to any themes relating to love, romance, or money around this time, as this could be a clue as to what Venus Retrograde themes you will be working with later in the year. Venus Retrograde is always a time of heart opening and expansion, and it can often trigger past heart wounds that need to be cleared for our expansion. If you do notice any challenging events arising in early June, know that more clarity and healing will follow. The Gemini New Moon on June 17th, may bring a new project to the table, or you may find that an existing project suddenly gets some new steam behind it. There is a strong motivating force under this New Moon for you, so use it to your advantage. Saturn stations retrograde under this New Moon too. Saturn is currently in a bit of a challenging place in your chart. It may be guiding you to go within or to feel more isolated than usual. You may find yourself needing to take some time out so you can revisit the past and perhaps reflect on your next steps forward. Chances are there will be a lot of behind-the-scenes work unfolding for you.


The Sun has just moved out of your corner of the zodiac, and perhaps you are feeling like you can now digest and integrate all the wisdom and excitement it brought your way! Whenever the Sun is in your sign, you can feel uplifted and supported to be more of your true authentic self, so I hope you were able to feel that in some way. If not, don’t worry, as the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 3rd will be another opportunity to express your true authentic self. There is some light-hearted energy flowing from this Full Moon, but don’t be surprised if it requires you to confront some shadows or perhaps peel back some layers to reveal a deeper truth. This will be a powerful Full Moon for you, so work with this energy, particularly if you want to grow in self-awareness and deepen your spiritual connection. Venus, your ruling planet, will move into Leo on June 5-6. This is significant as Venus will station retrograde on July 23rd in Leo also, spending until October in this corner of the zodiac. As Venus is your ruler, you are always going to be more sensitive to its retrograde motions. While Venus retrograde does not begin until late July, watch what happens around the time it first enters Leo. Whatever unfolds during this time, especially around matters of the heart or with money, could be a clue as to what lessons and gifts Venus Retrograde will bring. The June 17th New Moon coincides with Saturn Retrograde. Saturn entered Pisces earlier this year, so this is the first retrograde we have experienced in this cycle. Saturn Retrograde can require us to go back and repeat some lessons and to make sure we have done our homework. We can feel a little tested, or perhaps we notice that things we thought we had resolved come back up again to the surface. Stay true to yourself and the wisdom you have acquired; you know how to handle whatever comes up, so trust yourself. Saturn is the master teacher, so it wants to make sure you have mastered any lessons before it moves on to the next chapter. With Saturn Retrograde and this New Moon, you may have to be careful about whom you trust or socialize with. Who are you choosing to surround yourself with? The company you keep can have a big impact on your life and feelings of self-worth and motivation, so keep this in mind, especially under the Gemini New Moon.


Happy Birthday, Gemini! It is finally that time of year when you can celebrate your trip around the Sun! I hope you can make your birthday feel special this year. It is important to celebrate yourself and all you have achieved. Think back to where you were this time last year; I am sure you have experienced a lot of growth, development, and positive advancement. If you are feeling a little unsettled with where you have landed, don’t worry, as your birthday season holds some beautiful goodies! On May 28-29, the Sun aligns with the Royal Star, Aldebaran unlocking the Aldebaran Gateway or the Silver Gate Portal. This energy can supercharge your mind, helping you access new limits with your thinking and mental capacity. Challenge yourself when it comes to your knowledge and wisdom. Know you are smarter than you think! If there is something you want to learn, this is a great time to start as learning will come to you easily. Receive this energy into your third eye too, as this energy will activate your innate wisdom and psychic abilities. This is some beautiful energy and you are in one of the best positions in the cosmic skies to receive it. The Silver Gate Portal can also help you to tune into your soul contract, and remind you why you chose to come to Earth at this time. On June 3, under the Sagittarius Full Moon, you may find yourself traveling with a loved one, or perhaps planning a trip somewhere fun with friends. Alternatively, an incredible work opportunity may come up for you, allowing you to travel as part of your assignment. Travel feels to be on the cards, and if the opportunity comes up, you should take it! The trip promises to be inspiring and eye-opening in many ways. This Full Moon may also see the culmination of a project you have been working on. I hope this project has been successful for you, but either way, it looks like it’s time to let it go and move on to new things. New things will be the focus under your New Moon! The Gemini New Moon activates on June 17th, the same day Saturn stations retrograde. This will be a powerful New Moon for new beginnings and setting intentions, but it also carries a bit of heaviness for you. If something is weighing on your shoulders, you may first have to clear it before you can think about the new energies you wish to call in. Saturn Retrograde may also stir things from your past, encouraging you to deal with something once and for all. Just know that the more space you can clear for the stuff you don’t want, the more room you will make for the stuff you do want.


The Sun is getting ready to enter your corner of the zodiac next, so you are likely to feel as if you have reached an endpoint or a turning point. Just before a new chapter of our lives begin, we often feel called to go within. We may find ourselves retreating or going into hermit mode. You may very well feel this as the Sun enters Gemini. Gemini is a very social sign, but you may feel the opposite and want to take some time to just be alone with your own thoughts. On June 11, Pluto will return to Capricorn, the sign that sits opposite you on the wheel of the zodiac. While in Capricorn, Pluto has been transforming your relationships, helping you to make deeper and more meaningful bonds with those around you. With Pluto returning to Capricorn for the remainder of the year, you may notice a shift and a focus return to your relationships. Don’t worry, it seems that the brunt of the work has already been done, but Pluto may just be helping you to clear the cobwebs and push along any changes and transformations that still need to occur. Pluto’s work is often subtle, so this is likely something you will feel more on a subconscious or inner level rather than an external one. The June 3rd Sagittarius Full Moon may trigger a past memory or bring up past pains. You may feel this just before the Full Moon arrives, but don’t worry, once the Full Moon has reached its peak, you should be feeling a lot lighter and ready for some fun! You are very sensitive to the wax and wane of the Moon, so after the Full Moon passes, make it a point to do something just for fun. Allow yourself to be wherever you are, and just accept and enjoy your life and what makes you happy. Following the Full Moon, there is a New Moon in Gemini on June 17th. On the same day, Saturn stations retrograde. This is going to be a bit of a challenging New Moon for you. Once again, you may feel called to go within or to spend time alone. However, this feels to be a very creative space for you. Enjoy your own company and see what inspirations arise. You may feel the desire to write, journal, or draw, and this could be very therapeutic for you. Saturn Retrograde will be in a fantastic position to help you with any career goals or ambitions you may have. If you have wanted to adjust your career or perhaps make a fresh start somewhere else, the combination of creative energy from the New Moon and the hardworking/motivating energy from Saturn is a powerful mix! Use the New Moon energy to set intentions about your career and what you want, and use the energy of Saturn to commit to them! Perhaps even make a step-by-step plan as to how you will bring your intentions to life. June 21st will then bring the Solstice, a power day for the energy grid of our planet and the start of your Season!


Life has been busy for you, and perhaps you have felt like you are running on all cylinders! As we begin Gemini Season, things will continue to stay active for you, but this is your chance to set some boundaries and prioritize what is really important to you. The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 3rd could see you traveling for work or for a project important to you. You may also find yourself connecting with people from another part of the world. Perhaps they want to do a deal with you, or collaborate on a project. There is a lot of supportive energy on your side when it comes to growing your dreams and goals, so use this energy to your advantage! The Sagittarius Full Moon can also stir matters around your health, and this is where setting boundaries is going to be important. At the end of the day, what truly matters to you? It is easy to get swept up in the success and fame, or in the needs of others, but at your core, what is important? That is going to be a powerful question to ask yourself, especially if you notice health matters coming up to the surface. This is also a good opportunity for you to take some time to rest and recharge. Life has been busy, but it’s always worthwhile to unplug, slow down, and make time to stop and smell the roses. On June 5-6, Venus will enter your sign, bringing the energy of pleasure, romance, and play! Venus can also bring abundant energy, helping to increase the flow of offerings that come your way. Venus is going to be an important planet to watch for you, as it will station retrograde on July 23 in your sign. Having Venus in your sign for an extended stay means you are likely to be doing a lot of heart healing and activation work. Pay attention to any matters of the heart that are triggered for you on June 5-6 as Venus first enters Leo, as this may hold a clue as to what the upcoming Venus Retrograde will trigger in you. The Gemini New Moon that follows on June 17th, coincides with Saturn Retrograde. This New Moon may feel challenging for you. It seems that you could be pulled in two different directions. You may feel that your heart wants to go one way and your mind wants to go another. It will be up to you to make the call; just be sure you are being true to yourself first and foremost. Saturn Retrograde may trigger issues relating to your finances, so just be mindful of this. Ensure you are paying attention to any rules and regulations around your investments and read the fine print before agreeing or signing any contracts, especially if money is involved.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which also happens to be your ruling planet, so Gemini Season is always going to be a special time for you. Gemini Season kicks off with the Aldebaran Gateway or the Silver Gate Portal. This is activated on May 28-29, and is a time when your third eye can open and strengthen. You are naturally very intuitive, so your instincts will be heightened around this time. The Silver Gate Portal can also sharpen your mind, allowing you to tap into your innate wisdom. This is a very mentally active period for you so be mindful of allowing your mind to run into overdrive. Your mind is one of your sharpest tools, but needs to be used wisely. With a lot of energy concentrated here, especially in the first part of Gemini Season, be selective with the thoughts you are holding onto. If you get too caught up in your head, bring energy back down to your body. Ground your energy and see if you can work from a more heart-centered place. The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 3rd feels much lighter than the Full Moons we have recently experienced. While it carries a bit of tension and perhaps some heaviness, there is also a playful, adventurous undertone to this Full Moon. Whatever comes up, see if you can treat it like a great adventure! This Full Moon may also bring up issues around your home and family life. Whatever is highlighted, just make sure you are being true and authentic to yourself. On June 5-6, Venus enters Leo, where it will stay until October. This extra-long stay in Leo is due to its upcoming retrograde at the end of July. Pay attention to what themes are stirred in early June when it comes to matters of the heart, as these themes may provide a clue as to what Venus in Retrograde will bring. The June 17th Gemini New Moon follows and holds some amazing energy for your career and feelings of purpose. This New Moon may bring new opportunities at work, or you may have a breakthrough when it comes to your purpose and how you wish to spend your time. If you have some career goals, this New Moon is a great time to take action. Saturn also stations retrograde on June 17, and this is triggering issues in your relationships – not just romantic relationships, but how you interact with others in general. You may find yourself needing to set boundaries with others, or to perhaps tear down some boundaries that are keeping you too guarded. Saturn may bring a teacher into your life that helps to shift and change your approach. Saturn is essentially a master teacher, so it is helping you to become better at how you relate with others and with the world around you.


Gemini is a fellow air sign, so you always do well when the Sun is in this part of the zodiac. About a week after the sun enters Gemini, we experience the Aldebaran Gateway or the Silver Gate Portal. This is a time when our mind feels strong, and our intuition is heightened. We can tap into our own inner wisdom with greater ease, and we may also find ourselves learning new things quickly. The Silver Gate Portal energies can be highly creative for you, helping you to think bigger about your life and what you desire for yourself moving forward. This would be a good time to research, investigate, or seek wisdom to help clarify your goals and to bring ease to anything that is troubling you. As we approach the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 3rd, you may find yourself needing to let go of something. You may feel you have reached the end of a project or job, or you may just need to create energetic or emotional space around something in your life. Let go of anything that feels heavy. Give yourself permission to release what you have been carrying that no longer seems to support where you are going. The Sagittarius Full Moon may also bring up issues around your self-expression. You may have to stand up for yourself or communicate to others what you really need. Your voice is your power, so don’t hold back if you have something important to share. On June 5-6, your ruling planet, Venus will move into Leo, where it will stay until October. This extra-long stay in Leo is because Venus will station retrograde later in July on the 23rd. As your ruling planet, you will always be sensitive to the energies Venus brings. Venus is our heart opener; it carries the essence of love, romance, pleasure, play, and abundance. It is a highly feminine energy that allows us to surrender and accept what is, and to be present in our being. As it enters Leo, pay attention to what themes are unfolding for you, as this could be a clue as to what this Venus Retrograde energy will be stirring in you. Whenever Venus Retrograde unfolds, we often go through a heart awakening of some kind, so know that if anything difficult comes to the surface in June, you will get more answers through the Venus Retrograde period. The Gemini New Moon on June 17th, is an excellent opportunity to take action on your goals and intentions. Having a vision board and writing down what you want to attract is great, but sometimes you have to take action too. This is a very action-heavy New Moon for you, so walk the talk and start taking steps in the direction that calls to you. This New Moon is also highly beneficial for any travel, so if you have wanted to take a trip, this is a good New Moon to take action. Saturn also stations retrograde on June 17th under the influence of the New Moon. The days that follow this New Moon could feel a little challenging. You may have som

y be challenging, but when you come out the other side, you will be the master.


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