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Happy Friday ~ June 16, 2023

With today’s Chiron-Pallas trine, it’s a powerful period for unique, helpful ideas. We are willing to make changes, especially in our attitudes. Conversations are two-way, mutually beneficial, healing, and inspiring.

While the Moon’s square to Saturn and conjunction to Mercury point to some reverberations from yesterday’s Mercury-Saturn square, Mercury is recovering quickly: it forms a creative quintile to Neptune, and we are more idealistic, spiritually aware, compassionate, and sensitive. Mercury’s also heading toward a sextile with Venus, and we communicate with warmth and style.

Moon Square Saturn

8:20am PDT/ 9:20am MDT/ 10:20am CDT/ 11:20am EDT

Moon Conjunction Mercury

12:12pm PDT/ 1:12pm MDT/ 2:12pm CDT/ 3:12pm EDT

Moon Sextile Venus

1:57pm PDT/ 2:57pm MDT/ 3:57pm CDT/ 4:57pm EDT

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