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Happy Friday ~ June 9, 2023

The Moon continues in objective Aquarius until 6:15am EDT, when it moves into tolerant, sensitive Pisces.

Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune today, stirring our imagination. With this transit in play, we can experience a sense of knowing and understanding with minimal explanation or instruction. Intuition is highlighted or awakened, and we creatively apply it to practical matters. We appreciate subtleties as they aid our understanding of others and situations. We are more readily inspired and might inspire others with our words.

There is psychic openness in our interactions, and our communications are notably gentler or more compassionate.

We’re also heading toward a Sun-Chiron sextile, exact early tomorrow, further enhancing our interactions and problem-solving skills. We might connect with a sense of purpose or mission now, increasing our confidence, possibly through our communications and connections. The desire to learn and grow through experiences and people is strong and healthy.

Moon in Pisces

3:15am PDT/ 4:15am MDT/ 5:15am CDT/ 6:15am EDT

Moon in Pisces

3:14am PDT/ 4:14am MDT/ 5:14am CDT/ 6:14am EDT

Moon Sextile Jupiter

12:02pm PDT/ 1:02pm MDT/ 2:02pm CDT/ 3:02pm EDT

Mercury Sextile Neptune

2:14pm PDT/ 3:14pm MDT/ 4:14pm CDT/ 5:14pm EDT

Moon Conjunction Saturn

3:16pm PDT/ 4:16pm MDT/ 5:16pm CDT/ 6:16pm EDT

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