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Happy Friday ~ May 26, 2023

The Moon spends most of the day in Leo, stirring our desire to reach out and share ourselves with others in heartfelt ways. Satisfaction comes from pride in our actions and creations. We’re likely to enjoy helping people, teaching, and growing through our connections. Still, a square between Mars and the Moon’s North Node points to possible blocks to our progress, likely involving excess ego and/or impatience. Temporarily, our desires can be working at cross purposes with what we’re striving to be, making decisions choppy. The Moon moves into detail-oriented, conscientious Virgo.

Venus in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus

12:37am PDT/ 1:37am MDT/ 2:37am CDT/ 3:37am EDT

Void Moon Begins

Thursday night at 11:37pm PDT/ into Friday at 12:37am MDT/ 1:37am CDT/ 2:37am EDT

Void Moon Ends

8:05pm PDT/ 9:05pm MDT/ 10:05pm CEDT 11:05pm EDT

Moon in Virgo

8:05pm PDT/ 9:05pm MDT/ 10:05pm CEDT 11:05pm EDT

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