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Happy Friday ~ November 18, 2022

The Sun forms a sextile to Pluto today, putting us in a renovating spirit. We seek a little more depth from our activities and connections. This influence subtly increases our ambition, determination, and dedication. Making improvements or working toward a personal goal can be successful now. We tend to direct our energy constructively and seek new insight into our lives.

It’s a time to discover new ways of looking at problems or life. We feel more vital and enjoy the empowered feeling that results from making changes and improvements. Research might bring rewards. With this transit, we benefit from strategy and perhaps some discretion.

With a Virgo Moon all day, it can be satisfying to handle practical matters. We want to be useful and productive, and focusing on details seems the best route to making headway.

Moon Opposes Neptune

1:12pm PST/ 2:12pm MST/ 3:12pm CST/ 4:12pm EST

Moon Square Mars Retrograde

1:35pm PST/ 2:35pm MST/ 3:35pm CST/ 4:35pm EST

Sun Sextile Pluto

1:38pm PST/ 2:38pm MST/ 3:38pm CST/ 4:38pm EST

Moon Trine Pluto

8:26pm PST/ 9:26pm MST/ 10:26pm CST/ 11:26pm EST

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