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Happy Friday ~ October 28, 2022

Jupiter in Retrograde re-enters Pisces, inspiring a hugely imaginative atmosphere! Exciting opportunities and a general feeling of expansion flow. The moon in Sagittarius connects with Saturn in Aquarius, which can help us work out the logistics of our next adventure. Take time to rest as the moon squares off with Neptune in Pisces; people might feel especially sensitive at this time. Don’t let an overactive imagination spoil your night. Make or enjoy some art! (by Annabel Gat)

Retrograde Jupiter returns to Pisces today. Jupiter moved on from Pisces when it entered Aries on May 10th, 2022. However, Jupiter turned retrograde on July 28th, and it’s now returning to finish up its transit of Pisces until December 20th. It’s the final of three legs of this Jupiter-in-Pisces journey. Jupiter in Pisces encourages us to give of ourselves and embrace compassion and imagination. We attract luck and rich life experiences through intuition, vision, and understanding. We’re charitable, and we look out for the underdog.

This transit nudges us to attend to our needs for gentleness, understanding, and compassion. We are more idealistic and perhaps less ambitious in a worldly sense, more motivated to give than receive. Indeed, we should watch for escapism, bending personal philosophies or morals to suit the situation, deception and self-deception, restlessness and vague discontent, and unwillingness to face problems or negative concerns directly.

The Moon spends today in spirited, optimistic Sagittarius, and we value experience, learning, and truth. (By Cafe Astrology)

Jupiter in Pisces

12:10am CDT/ 1:10am EDT

Moon Sextile Saturn

11:17am PDT/ 12:17pm MDT/ 1:17pm CDT/ 2:17pm EDT

Moon Square Neptune

6:37pm PDT/ 7:37pm MDT/ 8:37pm CDT/ 9:37pm EDT

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