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Happy Monday ~ June 12, 2023

The Moon spends the day in Aries, harmonizing with Mars this morning, and aligning with Chiron this evening. Things are likely to flow along smoothly for the most part. It’s natural for us to gravitate toward satisfying, healing activities.

We’re asserting our needs more easily than usual today. Needs and cravings harmonize with those of our loved ones. While we’re more independent than usual with the Moon in Aries, it makes us feel good to help and support others.

Moon Trine Mars

5:38am PDT/ 6:38am MDT/ 7:38am CDT/ 8:38am EDT

Sun Sextile Moon

9:00pm PDT/ 10:00pm MDT/ 11:00pm CDT into Tuesday morning at 12:00am EDT

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