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Happy Monday ~ October 24, 2022

The moon in Libra connects with Saturn in Aquarius , inspiring a grounded, focused atmosphere that’s fantastic for getting work accomplished. The moon meets Mercury in Libra, inspiring communication, and a boost in confidence arrives as the moon connects with Mars in Gemini. Intense emotions surface as the moon squares off with Pluto in Capricorn: Accepting change can lead to powerful emotional release and transformation.(by Annabel Gat)

With the Moon in charming Libra all day, we find the most emotional satisfaction when we feel that our interactions and environment are balanced and harmonious. Pleasing one another is a theme now. The Libra Moon inclines us to seek out the other side of a story. We’re looking at things from a different perspective and giving our relationships their due attention.

The Moon is Balsamic on this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, suggesting we should avoid new beginnings. Instead, it’s a good time to reflect on what we want to improve.

Moon Trine Saturn

4:08am PDT/ 5:08am MDT/ 6:08am CDT/ 7:08am EDT

Moon Conjunction Mercury

9:01am PDT/ 10:01am MDT/ 11:01am CDT/ 12:01pm EDT

Moon Trine Mars

4:12pm PDT/ 5:12pm MDT/ 6:12pm CDT/ 7:12pm EDT

Moon Square Pluto

5:36pm PDT/ 6:36pm MDT/ 7:36pm CDT/ 8:36pm EDT

Void Moon Begins

5:36pm PDT/ 6:36pm MDT/ 7:36pm CDT/ 8:36pm EDT

Void Moon Ends Next Day (October 25, 2022)

12:20am PDT/ 1:20am MDT/ 2:20am CDT/ 3:20am EDT

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