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Happy New Moon Solare Eclipse!

We have a powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 12° Sagittarius.

This is a Solar Eclipse so it is connected with new beginnings, and also a South Node eclipse, connected with releasing old patterns from the past. As with most things in life, when one door closes, another door opens. If we want a different tomorrow, it’s really important we release those patterns that no longer serve us. (by Astro Butterfly)

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is a special event for the month. This is some big, bold energy so stay mindful of your own energy field and be sure to make the time to rest and recharge if you need it. Solar Eclipses can sometimes zap our energy, so be patient and gentle with yourself (and others) during this time. As this Solar Eclipse is the last in a cycle we have been working with since May 2020, we may see the culmination of our rewards or feel that we have arrived at a new beginning in our lives. Something may also be illuminated for us under this Eclipse, helping us to take that final step into this new chapter. Eclipse energy can linger for over a month, so be patient with all that is unfolding. (by Tanaaz

December 3, 2021 - Solar Eclipse occurs at 11:43pm PDT (tonight)

December 4, 2021 - Solar Eclipse occurs at 12:43am MDT/ 1:43am CDT/ 2:43am EDT

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