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Happy Saturday ~ March 5, 2022

You may be in a focused, serious mood as the moon in Aries connects with Saturn in Aquarius, but a happy, open-hearted energy flows as the sun meets lucky Jupiter in Pisces, There’s an atmosphere of expansion, adventure, and possibility. The moon connects with Mercury in Aquarius, encouraging communication. The moon squares off with Pluto in Capricorn, which could find us sitting with intense emotions. (by Annabel Gat)

The Sun forms its annual conjunction with Jupiter today, this year in the sign of Pisces, and we can be especially aware of our desire to grow, improve, or expand today. It’s a time of discovery and a renewed sense of joy, faith, and optimism. We can be more motivated to give than receive–this influence increases generosity and optimism.

With this transit, our vitality increases as we build our confidence, and we value integrity, patience, reflection, and wisdom. We could be looking for more recognition and respect. This influence favors reasonable legal, educational, religious, financial, and cultural endeavors. At this time, we most attract luck and rich life experiences through compassion, charity, and gentleness.

The Moon spends the day in direct, spontaneous Aries. We’re looking forward and feeling positive and confident. Venus and Mars are about to leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius, happening early tomorrow, and they head toward alignment. As such, we should watch for split-second decisions today. It’s undoubtedly a creative, dynamic, and exciting time, and impulsiveness is possible.

Moon Sextile Saturn

3:56am PDT/ 4:56am MDT/ 5:56am MDT/ 6:56am EDT

Sun Conjunction Jupiter

6:06am PDT/ 7:06am MDT/ 8:06am MDT/ 9:06am EDT

Moon Sextile Mercury

11:49am PDT/ 12:49pm MDT/ 1:49pm CDT/ 2:49pm EDT

Moon Square Pluto

8:02pm PDT/ 9:02pm MDT/ 10:02pm CDT/ 11:02pm EDT

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