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Happy Saturday ~ May 20, 2023

Mars enters Leo today, where it will stay until July 10th. This transit draws out our proud, self-confident, and grand side. We go after what we want directly and self-assuredly during this cycle, desiring dramatic results. We prefer not to worry about details and seek the most straightforward route to our goals. This cycle encourages our spirited, courageous, and ardent natures–our passion for life runs high. Tonight, Mars, in its first degree of Leo, opposes Pluto, which is nearing zero degrees Aquarius on its retrograde journey (it will return to Pluto on June 11th). While tense and disruptive, this transit can be revealing. Pushiness tends to meet with stubborn resistance–there may be a contest of wills now. There can be a feeling that external circumstances are undermining our personal power. As we deal with these things, we may get in touch with our internal motivations. Outside forces can remind us of our need to take better charge of our lives, but shortcuts to gaining control will not work as we’d like. This transit can bring a tricky or buried issue to a head. It would be wise to observe whatever powerful feelings that confrontations or conflicts stir under this influence, as this transit has a way of pulling out suppressed matter or emotional “slush.” All in all, a lot of frustrated energy may lead to a greater understanding if we play our cards right. Moon Square Saturn 12:00am PDT/ 1:00am MDT/ 2:00am CDT/ 3:00am EDT Mars enters Leo 8:31am PDT/ 9:31am MDT/ 10:31am CDT/ 11:31am EDT Mars Opposes Pluto 8:12pm PDT/ 9:12pm MDT/ 10:12pm CDT/ 11:12pm EDT Cafe Astrology

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