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Happy Saturday ~ November 19, 2022

The moon in Virgo connects with the sun in Scorpio at, inspiring a burst of confidence—but be careful not to overindulge or go to extremes as the moon opposes Jupiter in Pisces. The moon enters Libra, encouraging balance.

Mars retrograde in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces, which could find us feeling a bit confused, lazy, “over it” (whatever “it” may be!), or pessimistic. Finding ways to stay grounded instead of jumping to conclusions would be wise at this time. We could be thinking back to situations that took place on or around October 12, 2022. The moon mingles with Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Sagittarius, encouraging communication and harmony.

Moon Opposes Jupiter

12:47am PST/ 1:47am MST/ 2:47am CST/ 3:47am EST

Moon in Libra

2:58am PST/ 3:58am MST/ 4:58am CST/ 5:58am EST

Mars Retro Square Neptune

7:43am PST/ 8:43am MST/ 9:43am CST/ 10:43am EST

Moon Sextile Mercury

9:54am PST/ 10:54am MST/ 11:54am CST/ 12:54pm EST

Moon Sextile Venus

11:15am PST/ 12:15pm MST/ 1:15pm CST/ 2:15pm EST

Annabel Gat

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