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Happy Sunday, May 7, 2023

Venus enters Cancer today, where it will visit until June 5th. Venus in Cancer is nurturing, cautious, fertile, protective, and self-protective. We experience many emotional ups and downs with our affections under this influence due to increased sensitivity and impressionability. We show our love through devotion, care, and concern, and we’re at our best when we feel safe and secure.

During this cycle, we are more interested in home life and improvement, nesting, home business, domestic and family activities, comfort, security, and long-term purchases.

Today, Venus forms a quincunx to Pluto, however, and some uncertainty is possible. There can be re-assessments with close personal relationships, spending, entertainment, or social life issues. Fears can disrupt the flow, but they can help us see what may have been our personal blind spots.

Venus in Cancer

7:24am PDT/ 8:24am MDT/ 9:24am CDT/ 10:24am EDT

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