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Happy Sunday ~ July 17, 2022

Communication planet Mercury in Cancer connects with Neptune in Pisces. The sun—also in Cancer—connects with Neptune. The moon in Pisces connects with Uranus in Taurus and Venus enters Cancer. (By Annabel Gat)

The Pisces Moon is compassionate, sensitive, giving, and wise at its best and noncommittal or avoidant when challenged. Decisions or commitments may not be easy under this influence, but tapping into our intuition is.

This is especially the case with today’s transits: Mercury and the Sun harmonize with Neptune. Imagination and intuition run high, and we may easily sense the thoughts and feelings of others. We express ourselves with subtle flair. These transits bring fluid, graceful themes to the day. We can be moved to help, support, or give of ourselves. We see people and life itself from a different perspective–one that not only allows for but finds beauty in differences. It may be best to de-emphasize some of our material concerns or interests, at least temporarily. We experience a sense of knowing and understanding with minimal explanation or instruction. While we may not be direct, we see the way around obstacles. It’s a good time to forgive and release.

Venus moves into the sign of Cancer today, where it will visit until August 11th. Venus in Cancer is nurturing, cautious, fertile, protective, and self-protective. We experience many emotional ups and downs with our affections under this influence due to increased sensitivity and impressionability. We show our love through devotion, care, and concern, and we’re at our best when we feel safe and secure. During this cycle, we are more interested in home life and improvement, nesting, home business, domestic and family activities, comfort, security, and long-term purchases.

We’re heading toward an opposition of Mercury and Pluto, and as the day advances, we depend far less on our faith and pay more attention to fears or suspicions. (By Cafe Astrology)

Mercury Trine Neptune

12:52am PDT/ 1:52am MDT/ 2:52am CDT/ 3:52am EDT

Sun Trine Neptune

3:55am PDT/ 4:55am MDT/ 5:55am CDT/ 6:55am EDT

Moon Sextile Uranus

8:01am PDT/ 9:01am MDT/ 10:01am CDT/ 11:01am EDT

Venus in Cancer

6:32pm PDT/ 7:32pm MDT/ 8:32pm CDT/ 9:32pm EDT

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