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Happy Thursday, April 28, 2022

Don’t take the bait.

The moon is in Aries, giving us a moment to recenter and consider authentic emotions. Mercury, the planet of communication, harmonizes with power planet Pluto: Pluto is getting ready to retrograde tomorrow, so it’s bringing up a lot of deep-seated, repressed emotions! Look out for words that are intended to provoke—don’t take the bait! Use provocation to overcome mental loops, or step outside of the cycle. (by Randon Rosenbohm)

Mercury forms a trine to Pluto this morning, helping us discern matters and focus our minds. The potential is with us for profound insight, psychological understanding, awareness, and focused attention. We seek the hidden message and readily draw upon our powers of persuasion. It’s a good time to devise strategies and make observations. We are exceptionally skilled at solving problems and getting to the bottom line.

Dealing with doubt and guilt today can help clear the path for opportunities, although it may not be straightforward with Mercury’s semi-square to Chiron this afternoon. This transit challenges us to communicate with more sensitivity. The Moon spends the day in enterprising, active, decisive Aries.

Mercury Trine Pluto

5:04am PDT/ 6:04am MDT/ 7:04am CDT/ 8:04am EDT

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