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Happy Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Moon spends the day in the sign of demonstrative Leo and aligns with Mars this morning, stirring our passions. We’re spirited, desirous, and creative.

Mars in Leo forms a trine with Chiron today, and we may have the opportunity to take the lead or to take action with matters that lead to healing, cleansing, or teaching. We’re fearlessly addressing problem areas! It’s a time to defend and help others, and we’re in great shape for cooperation and purposeful activity.

This transit opens us up to regeneration and repair. It’s straightforward to channel our energy constructively. We’re ready to stand up for others and feel vital, spirited, and positive. It’s a time of seeing the way around–or over–obstacles and hurdles.

Moon is Void of Course at 10:01am PDT, According to theory, most activities should be initiated when the Moon is not Void of Course. New activities started during the void period generally don’t work out to our liking, or they need some serious adjustment in order for them to meet any success. It’s not necessarily that they fail to materialize, but that it’s a hard path.

Therefore, if possible, one should avoid, a job interview, starting a business or project, and so forth, during the Void of Course Moon.

Moon Conjunction Mars

5:41am PDT/ 6:41am MDT/ 7:41am CDT/ 8:41am EDT

Moon Sextile Mercury

8:51am PDT/ 9:51am MDT/ 10:51am CDT/ 11:51am EDT

Moon Square Uranus

10:01am PDT/ 11:01am MDT/ 12:01pm CDT/ 1:01pm EDT

Moon Void Begins

10:01am PDT/ 11:01am MDT/ 12:01pm CDT/ 1:01pm EDT

Moon Void Ends next day

3:35am PDT/ 4:35am MDT/ 5:35am CDT/ 6:35am EDT

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