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Happy Thursday ~ December 15, 2022

Communication flows as the moon in Virgo connects with Mercury in Capricorn—but watch out for short tempers as the moon squares off with Mars retrograde in Gemini! The moon connects with Uranus in Taurus, which can find us exploring a surprising option…(by Annabel Gat)

With a Mercury-Node trine this morning, we might connect with information or people that/who encourage us to grow, improve, or move forward.

Mercury and Mars form a quincunx later today, however, and we can experience aggravation if we’re not understood or if we can’t seem to get where we want to go fast enough. What we do and what we think or communicate can be at odds. Listening isn’t our strong suit now–we’re inclined to interrupt and make assumptions. There could be better conditions for making important decisions, and we should watch for impatience.(by Cafe Astrology)

Mercury Trine North Node

12:11am PST/ 1:11am MST/ 2:11am CST/ 3:11am EST

Moon Trine Mercury

1:02am PST/ 2:02am MST/ 3:02am CST/ 4:02am EST

Moon Square Mars

3:29am PST/ 4:29am MST/ 5:29am CST/ 6:29am EST

Moon Trine Uranus

7:41am PST/ 8:41am MST/ 9:41am CST/ 10:41am EST

Moon Opposition Neptune

9:36pm PST/ 10:36pm MST/ 11:36pm CST into early Thursday 12:36am EST

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