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Happy Thursday ~ January 26, 2023

The Moon spends the day in assertive, direct Aries.

However, Venus moves into the sign of Pisces today for a stay until February 20th. This transit brings sweet but sometimes escapist energy to our lives, especially our interactions and relationships. Venus in Pisces is tender and affectionate, although difficult to reach, as there is a longing for something hard to define and satisfy. Borders and boundaries blur under this influence.

The shadow side of this position can involve evasiveness and avoidance. Otherwise, it’s a time for increased compassion and greater understanding. We’re opening our minds to different pleasures and pastimes in the weeks ahead.

Moon Sextile Mars

2:40pm PST/ 3:40pm MST/ 4:40pm CST/ 5:40pm EST

Moon Square Mercury

7:08am PST/ 8:08am MST/ 9:08am CST/ 10:08am EST

Venus in Pisces

6:33pm PST/ 7:33pm MST/ 8:33pm CST/ 9:33pm EST

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