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Happy Thursday ~ June 1, 2023

The Scorpio Moon brings out intensity today. We’re deliberate, strategic, perceptive, and emotional. This Moon stirs our desire for intimacy.

However, Mars forms a quincunx with Saturn, pointing to some stop-and-go energy. Attempts to force an issue are likely to meet resistance. Sometimes the resistance is internal –indecision or fear can hold us back from taking direct action.

This transit has a way of stimulating a glass-half-empty perspective. Rules, restrictions, and limits feel heavy and difficult to coordinate or synthesize with our wants and desires. Timing is off as a result, and the need to adjust our plans can become apparent.

Moon Square Mars

5:05am PDT/ 6:05am MDT/ 7:05am CDT/ 8:05am EDT

Moon Trine Saturn

5:23am PDT/ 6:23am MDT/ 7:23am CDT/ 8:23am EDT

Jupiter Conjunct North Node in Taurus

5:43pm PDT/ 6:43pm MDT/ 7:43pm CDT/ 8:43pm EDT

Moon opposition Mercury

11:48pm PDT/ 12:48pm MDT/ 1:48pm CDT/ 2:48pm EDT

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