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Happy Thursday ~ June 8, 2023

We’re attracted to the unique, extraordinary, and uncommon with today’s Aquarius Moon. Just a splash of emotional detachment can be refreshing today.

However, Venus forms a square to the North Node of the Moon, pointing to the possibility of a general lack of agreement, dissatisfaction, or a sense that our relationships are working counter to our growth. It can be challenging to make a decision that we’re content with today.

With the Moon’s square to Uranus this afternoon, rules and limitations are hard to take. Sun Trine Moon 6:29am PDT/ 7:29am MDT/ 8:29am CDT/ 9:29am EDT Moon Square Uranus 11:37am PDT/ 12:37pm MDT/ 1:37pm CDT/ 2:37pm EDT Moon Square Mercury 9:25pm PDT/ 10:28pm MDT/ 11:28pm CDT/ and early Thursday at 12:28am EDT Cafe Astrology

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