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Happy Thursday ~ March 3, 2022

Action planet Mars meets the planet of power, Pluto, in Capricorn, and it’s a potent moment to strategize. The moon meets Neptune in Pisces, inspiring creativity. Deep connections can form as sweet Venus meets Pluto. The moon connects with Pluto, Venus, and then Mars, encouraging us to be honest about our feelings, and we’re feeling courageous and free-spirited as the moon enters Aries. (by Annabel Gat)

Venus and Mars align with Pluto today, and the Sun forms a semi-square to this configuration. Desires, affections, pleasures, and relationships can be more intense now, and we can feel a strong desire to change and transform a situation. On the other hand, what makes us feel insecure can be in focus, and we may be trying to find any way possible to keep things as we knew them. In this case, changes can feel threatening to our sense of security.

Our feelings or urges can be on the extreme side today–our needs and desires can feel urgent, and our patience can be short. Social relations are competitive and vibrant, and perhaps demanding. There is a tendency to want–and demand–more than usual from a partnership, friendship, or pastime.

We should also watch for jealousies or buried resentments driving our actions. However, well channeled, these energies can bring increased focus and motivation. We dare to go after what we want and to take decisive action. We might entirely revise or rebuild something from the ground up, break something down to start anew, or we may be determined to put a difficult situation behind us so that we can move forward.

The Moon continues its transit of accepting, creative Pisces until it moves into enterprising Aries at 7:53 PM EDT. (by Cafe Astrology)

Mars Conjunction Pluto

12:43am PDT/ 1:43am MDT/ 2:43am CDT/ 3:43am EDT

Moon Conjunction Neptune

3:37am PDT/ 4:47am MDT/ 5:47am CDT/ 6:47am EDT

Venus Conjunction Pluto

9:56am PDT/ 10:56am MDT/ 11:56am CDT/ 12:56pm EDT

Moon Sextile Pluto

1:03pm PDT/ 2:03pm MDT/ 3:03pm CDT/ 4:03pm EDT

Moon Sextile Venus

1:15pm PDT/ 2:15pm MDT/ 3:15pm CDT/ 4:15pm EDT

Moon Sextile Mars

1:45pm PDT/ 2:45pm MDT/ 3:45pm CDT/ 4:45pm EDT

Moon in Aries

4:53pm PDT/ 5:53pm MDT/ 6:53pm CDT/ 7:53pm EDT

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