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Happy Tuesday, April 25, 2023

This morning, the Sun forms a sextile to Saturn, reminding us to plan and organize. It’s an excellent influence for preparing and attending to our practical affairs. We’re giving our priorities extra attention and our best efforts.

This transit helps ground us, or at the least, provides us with a sense of rhythm and helps us pace ourselves. It has the beautiful potential to teach us that humbling ourselves to accept constructive criticism and advice or to recognize areas that need strengthening can be beneficial. It supports disciplining ourselves to bring more purpose and practicality to our lives. Self-awareness leads to realistic plans and goals. We prefer and benefit from conservative, safe moves now.

Later today, a Venus-Chiron sextile is generous and warm. We more readily express our accommodating natures and connect with our need for others. We’re open to learning to overcome our insecurities. We might more easily identify the needs and desires we’ve suppressed, and getting into a healthier relationship with this buried matter can help.

We’re open to intimacy and sharing and see beauty in our imperfections. As we learn what we genuinely value, our choices and decisions about relationships and finances improve.

Sun Sextile Saturn 3:47am PDT/ 4:47am MDT/ 5:47am CDT/ 6:47am EDT

Moon Sextile Mercury 4:46pm PDT/ 5:46pm MDT/ 6:46pm CDT/ 7:46pm EDT

Moon Conjunction Mars 8:08pm PDT/ 9:08pm MDT/ 10:08pm CDT/ 11:08pm EDT

Moon Sextile Uranus 11:46pm PDT

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