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Happy Tuesday ~ December 13, 2022

The Moon continues to spend the day in Leo. Early on, we may hit blocks and limitations when the Moon opposes Saturn. Someone in authority may implement that we follow the rules and regulations. The atmosphere can be tense, or very focused on our responsibilities.

As the morning moves forward the moon makes a supportive connection with the Sun in Sagittarius. This lightens up the atmosphere and we’re more inspired and cheerful. When the Moon makes a trine with the Sun, we're feeling overall happiness and joy, we want to break away from the stiff and rigid feeling of the moon's opposition with Saturn.

The Moon begins it’s void that will last into early tomorrow. When the Moon is void we need to go with the FLOW. Generally when the Moon is void it’s not a good time to do anything important like signing contracts, start new projects. There is no energetic push forward with a void Moon.

What is a void Moon?

When the Moon makes its last major aspect before changing from one sign to the next, it is considered "Void of Course." The Moon stops being void of course once it enters the next sign. This could last a few minutes, hours or days.

Moon Opposition Saturn

6:09am PST/ 7:09am MST/ 8:09am CST/ 9:09am EST

Moon Trine Sun

7:52am PST/ 8:52am MST/ 9:52am CST/ 10:52am EST

Void Moon Begins

7:53am PST/ 8:53am MST/ 9:53am CST/ 10:53am EST

Void Moon Ends tomorrow (Wednesday)

12:46am PST/ 1:46am MST/ 2:46am CST/ 3:46am EST

By Planet News by Zoe

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