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Happy Tuesday ~ December 20, 2022

The moon connects with Mercury in Capricorn, encouraging communication. Jupiter enters Aries, bringing a shift in atmosphere: We can feel especially courageous as we embark on new adventures!

We could be setting important boundaries as the moon squares off with Saturn in Aquarius. The moon connects with Neptune in Pisces, inspiring our imaginations, and we’re having deep conversations about our feelings as the moon connects with Pluto in Capricorn. (By Annabel Gat)

The Moon spends the day in incisive, perceptive Scorpio, and we’re more inclined to read between the lines. With a Mercury-Venus parallel, we tend to analyze our feelings and relationships.

Also today, Jupiter enters the sign of Aries. Jupiter first entered Aries on May 10th, but after turning retrograde on July 28th, it returned to Pisces on October 28th.

Today, Jupiter re-enters Aries, where it will stay until May 16th, 2023. This transit encourages us to embrace our enterprising spirit and independence. With Jupiter in Aries, we make our own opportunities and thrive when we take the lead, initiate, inspire others, and demonstrate enthusiasm and courage. Prosperous areas are ones that allow us to innovate, head, and lead. Faith in ourselves can bring about favorable circumstances or good luck.

Trust in our ability to reinvent our lives and move forward with confidence despite the challenges we might face is strong during this cycle. We believe that “life is what you make it,” and we enjoy competition as it pushes us to do better. Our belief in ourselves brings a spirit of the pioneer. We live in the “now” and quickly seize opportunities. However, we should watch for taking any of these things too far, a me-first attitude that can be insensitive, failing to consider others’ viewpoints and leaving opportunities behind as a result, over-confidence, not learning from past mistakes, and a lack of objectivity. (By Cafe Astrology)

Moon Sextile Mercury

3:58am PST/ 4:58am MST/ 5:58am CST/ 6:58am EST

Jupiter in Aries

6:32am PST/ 7:32am MST/ 8:32am CST/ 9:32am EST

Moon Square Saturn

8:41am PST/ 9:41am MST/ 10:11am CST/ 11:41am EST

Moon Trine Neptune

11:01am PST/ 12:01pm MST/ 1:01pm CST/ 2:01pm EST

Moon Sextile Pluto

6:45pm PST/ 7:45pm MST/ 8:45pm CST/ 9:45pm EST

Void Moon Begins

6:45pm PST/ 7:45pm MST/ 8:45pm CST/ 9:45pm EST

Void Moon Ends

11:13pm PST into Wednesday 12:13am MST/ 1:13am CST/ 2:13am EST

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