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Happy Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The moon and Uranus meet in sensual earth sign Taurus at 1:51 AM, which could bring some surprises or stir up unexpected emotions! The moon mingles with dreamy Neptune in Pisces at 8:21 PM, inspiring our imaginations. (Annabel Gat)

The Moon spends the day in Taurus. The Moon in Taurus is stabilizing and practical. Its sextile to Neptune this evening ensures we’re also attending to our spiritual, emotional, or mental health needs.

Mars aligns with the South Node of the Moon today, and we should watch for stubbornly holding onto or defending something that no longer supports our growth.

However, if we can tap into our desire to make progress, changes we make now can create fresh opportunities that add to our feelings of joy and freedom. It can be a time of dynamic, positive group activities.(by Cafe Astrology)

Moon Conjunct Uranus

12:51am CDT/ 1:51am EDT

Moon Sextile Neptune

5:21am PDT/ 6:21am MDT/ 7:21am CDT/ 8:21am EDT

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