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Happy Wednesday ~ February 22, 2023

The Moon moves into Aries and Mercury harmonizes with the sign’s ruler, Mars, bumping up enthusiasm. Our communications are refreshingly direct and to the point. We can have a strong desire to do something with our ideas, learn, teach, or discuss. We are exceptionally alert and aware, and there is excitement or energy in our conversations. Putting our ideas into motion can be satisfying. We also feel more passionately about our interests and discoveries.

The Moon continues its void until it enters Aries today.

Moon in Aries 12:14 am EST

Moon Conjunction Venus 1:26am PST/ 2:26am MST/ 3:26am CST/ 4:26am EST

Mercury Trine Mars 12:14pm PST/ 1:14pm MST/ 2:14pm CST. 3:14pm EST

Moon Conjunction Jupiter 2:48am PST 3:48apm MST/ 4:48pm CST/ 5:48pm EST

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