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Happy Wednesday ~ June 14, 2023

The Moon spends the day in Taurus, encouraging us to savor the moment, but there can be distractions to manage today before we feel at peace. We’re focused on our physical needs and wants.

The Moon connects with Saturn early in the morning, increasing our feeling of responsibility and honing in on our goals for the long term. Saturn in Pisces is about making your dreams into reality.

The moon squares off with Venus in Leo and Mars in Leo, we should watch out for confrontations, hastiness and getting frustrated. Today could have minor frustrations, we really want to have fun but we may be distracted.

Moon Sextile Saturn

12:37am PDT/ 1:37am MDT/ 2:37am CDT/ 3:37am EDT

Moon Square Venus

2:10am PDT/ 3:10am MDT/ 4:10am CDT/ 5:10am EDT

Moon Square Mars

2:16pm PDT/ 3:16pm MDT/ 4:16pm CDT/ 5:16pm EDT

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