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Happy Wednesday ~ May 31, 2023

The Moon continues its transit of Libra for much of the day and enters Scorpio at 7:45 PM EDT. The Libra Moon is concerned and conciliatory–we want to live fairly and peacefully. Cooperation comes naturally.

We may go overboard with pleasure or overstate our feelings this morning when the Moon squares Venus, but our intentions are good.

The Scorpio Moon from 7:45 PM forward is discreet, passionate, and perceptive. We’re interested in discovering deeper truths and motives.

Also in play today is an alignment of Jupiter to the North Node of the Moon. With this transit, we strongly desire contact with like-minded people or those who can help push us toward growth and improvement.

We’re magnetizing life lessons that change or enhance our belief systems, personal philosophy, and optimism or perspective. Our philosophies or worldview can align with current thought or opinion, or we’re more interested and invested in the social condition around us.

We have a stronger faith that we’re growing and improving. Connecting with people who we help–or who help us–to achieve a better life can be in focus.

Void Moon Begins

7:54am PDT/ 8:54am MDT/ 9:54am CDT/ 10:54am EDT

Moon Square Venus

4:45pm PDT/ 5:45pm MDT/ 6:45pm CDT/ 7:45pm EDT

Moon Void Ends

4:45pm PDT/ 5:45pm MDT/ 6:45pm CDT/ 7:45pm EDT

Moon in Scorpio

4:45pm PDT/ 5:45pm MDT/ 6:45pm CDT/ 7:45pm EDT

Moon Square Pluto

5:01pm PDT/ 6:01pm MDT/ 7:01pm CDT/ 8:01pm EDT

Moon Opposition Jupiter

10:59pm PDT/ 11:59pm MDT

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