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Happy Wednesday ~ November 2, 2022

The moon in Aquarius makes a harmonious connection with action planet Mars, currently retrograde in Gemini, encouraging us to reflect deeply on what motivates us. The moon enters intuitive and creative water sign Pisces, finding us in the mood to make or enjoy art, have fun with loved ones, and simply go with the flow! Make time to reflect on your dreams and connect with your inner voice. (By Annabel Gat)

With a quincunx between Venus and Chiron, insecurity might make it awkward for us to express our affections naturally or flowingly. There could be feelings of discontent temporarily. Venus also aligns with the South Node, and we might fall back on behaviors and indulgences that keep us distant from our true feelings and needs.

The day also features a Sun-Mars sesquiquadrate, pointing to the potential for too-quick judgments and actions. We might be anxious to put something behind us, rushing decisions in the process.

This transit adds instigating, tense, or impatient elements to the day. We might crave action but may not know where we want to direct this energy. Without a plan or direction, arguments or impatience can follow.

The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius to 2:47 PM EDT, when it moves into Pisces.

Moon Trine Mars Retrograde

4:08am PDT/ 5:08am MDT/ 6:08am CDT/ 7:08am EDT

Void Moon begins

4:09am PDT/ 5:09am MDT/ 6:09am CDT/ 7:09am EDT

Void Moon ends

11:47am PDT/ 12:47pm MDT/ 1:47pm CDT/ 2:47pm EDT

Moon in Pisces

11:47am PDT/ 12:47pm MDT/ 1:47pm CDT/ 2:47pm EDT


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