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Within these energies we have such a potential like never before to change our DNA. We can use these energies to activate our DNA. We all start out on the minimal 2 strand carbon based template. Humanity has remained in this system for a long time. When we run on the minimal templates we tend to stay stuck in programs that have been running down the family line. Programs such as ancestral traumas, karma, and poverty tend to replay on a loop. We are meant to heal and clear any traumas, and any limiting programs, and beliefs. That’s why healing is so important. Our DNA can actually be activated and switched to Crystalline. Your DNA can actually change and transform. We know our environment can on its own have a huge impact on our DNA. The light/ information you take in can actually make your DNA grow. Once crystalline your DNA turns into the most mind blowing kaleidoscope of colors and shapes. Your DNA actually can bloom much like a flower. This crystallization process is much like that of the butterfly. We have an organism that can activate and grow into so much more. The caterpillar and the butterfly carry identical DNA. The caterpillar carries the genes necessary to produce wings. It just depends on if it’s switched on or activated. Once activated we have an organism that shifts into something so much more. The wings it will form are made of crystals. The colors we see are actually a pattern of light reflecting off of these photonic crystals. Just like the butterfly you have the capacity to turn into so much more. Humanity is working on a major evolutionary shift. To become a light being once more.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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