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Intuitive Astrology Forecast for December 2021

The cosmic skies are busy as we wrap up 2021 and move into the new year.

2021 holds the vibration of number 5, a number of creativity and change. Change is always a creative process, and perhaps now that we have reached the end of the year, we can look back and see how the subtle and big changes in our lives have inspired creative ways of thinking, acting, and feeling.

We may also feel inspired to make creative changes or shifts in December due to the busy cosmic activity.

December opens with a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. This powerful Eclipse signifies the end of an eclipse cycle we have been working with since the middle of 2020. It sees us arrive at our final destination, and may very well stir some creative changes in our lives.

December also brings the rare cosmic event of Venus Retrograde. Venus enters retrograde only every 18 or so months, so when it does we tend to feel its effects strongly.

Venus rules over love, relationships, money, and the things we value. All of these themes could be up for review under this retrograde which extends into the new year.

December also brings the Solstice, a sacred point on the astrological wheel that indicates a turning point.

Mother Nature also reflects this turning point as we shift seasons either to Winter or to Summer, depending on where in the world we live.

The cosmic skies continue to be busy as we reach the end of the month too.

On December 24, we have the final of three Saturn Uranus Squares, and a few days later on December 28, the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, enters Pisces where it will remain for most of next year, setting the tone for some of the themes we are likely to experience.

Let’s take a closer look into the key dates for December-

December Astrology 2021

December 1- Neptune Direct

Neptune stations direct after being retrograde since June. Neptune is the planet of spirituality and unconditional love. Energetically, it is considered the higher octave of Venus. As Neptune stations direct, its energy is intensified and we are able to tap into its waves with greater ease. We may even be able to see what story Neptune’s retrograde has been weaving in our lives.

December 3/4- New Moon Solar Eclipse

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is a special event for the month. This is some big, bold energy so stay mindful of your own energy field and be sure to make the time to rest and recharge if you need it. Solar Eclipses can sometimes zap our energy, so be patient and gentle with yourself (and others) during this time. As this Solar Eclipse is the last in a cycle we have been working with since May 2020, we may see the culmination of our rewards or feel that we have arrived at a new beginning in our lives. Something may also be illuminated for us under this Eclipse, helping us to take that final step into this new chapter. Eclipse energy can linger for over a month, so be patient with all that is unfolding.

December 11 – Venus Conjunct Pluto

Venus aligning with Pluto is going to set the stage for the upcoming Venus Retrograde energies, this is because Venus will be close to Pluto as it retrogrades through the sign of Capricorn. Venus and Pluto together can create a power dynamic when it comes to matters of love and money. Together, their energy can shine down abundance and help us to feel empowered by the heart-led choices we are making. Venus and Pluto can also create power struggles or draw our attention to where we are not standing in our fullest power.

December 12- 1212 Numerology

The twelfth day of the twelfth month gives us the numerology code of 1212. This powerful number code indicates movement into higher dimensions. 1212 can also signify change.

December 17- Sun crosses the Galactic Center

The center of our galaxy is believed to sit at around 27 degrees of Sagittarius. On this day, the Sun reaches this point of the zodiac, supercharging its energy. Strong solar energy can be expected for a few days around this date. Whenever we have strong solar energy, we can feel more connected and in tune with our inner self, and our goals and passions. The galactic energies may also inspire us to connect with our Starseed origins.

December 18- Full Moon in Gemini

The last Full Moon of the year falls in the air sign of Gemini. This Full Moon carries some sweet energy and may feel like a gentle relief after the strong Eclipse energies we have just experienced. Gemini is represented by the twins. One twin is mortal, the other immortal, signifying the balance between our human side and our spiritual side. We may feel a push-pull or even a harmony between these dynamics. This Full Moon may also bring more information to the surface or reveal more information from the Solar Eclipse.

December 19- Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde is another highlight of the month and is an energy we will be walking into 2022 with. Venus rules over our relationships, not just with others but also with money and the greater world around us. If there are issues in a particular relationship, Venus Retrograde can bring these to a head, forcing us to deal with them once and for all. We may also notice patterns when it comes to our attitudes around money and love come up for review. Know that whatever we experience now is only part of the story, we will need to wait until Venus shifts direct again in January to really know what it is guiding us to uncover.

December 19- Chiron Direct

Chiron stations direct after being retrograde since July. Chiron is an asteroid known as the wounded healer. As it enters retrograde, it can bring past wounds back to the surface for healing but also for acknowledgment of how much we have grown. Chiron retrograde can be a good reminder that we can be wounded, yet still lead a beautiful life.

December 21- Solstice

The Solstice is a sensitive point in the year when the veil goes thin and we are able to tap into higher dimensions with greater ease. The Solstice is also a time when the energy grid of the planet is believed to come into harmony, allowing us to soak up the healing vibrations. Spending time in nature is a great way to infuse this energy into our being.

December 21- Capricorn Season Begins

The Sun shifts out of fiery Sagittarius into the earth sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is a cardinal sign that gives us fuel to take action and step into a place of leadership in our lives. Capricorn energy is also very grounded, allowing us to establish a routine and feel a little more centered when it comes to pursuing our goals and dreams. Capricorn is also a very practical energy that allows us to see things in a more black and white manner.

December 24- Saturn Uranus Square

The Saturn Uranus Square has been a major feature of 2021 and now the energies are coming to a head. The Saturn-Uranus square has been about boundaries vs. freedoms. We have seen this play out on the world stage and perhaps even in our own lives as well.

December 28/29- Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter is heading back into Pisces after a short visit earlier this year. As Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, we may feel extra sensitive to this shift in energy. Jupiter expands whatever it touches and Pisces is a zodiac linked with spirituality, higher consciousness, and creativity. We may find these areas highlighted for us not just on this day, but all through 2022. You can read more on this energy here.


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