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Intuitive Astrology Forecast for January 2022

Another year is here! January is a month where we typically feel motivated to set goals and make resolutions for how we wish to spend the year. While we can absolutely do that, and have a supportive New Moon at the start of the month to guide us along the way, there is also a need to slow down and reflect.

Through the month of January 2022, we have both Venus and Mercury in retrograde. This combination of planetary energy may make us feel a little sluggish or perhaps even unmotivated. We may be feeling wiped out from the busy holiday season and in need of some serious recharging.

Venus Retrograde will be guiding us to recharge our heart energy whereas Mercury Retrograde will be guiding us to recharge our mental energy.

It is important to give ourselves this time for recharging as 2022 is a year of health and healing. We have to start paying attention to our inner and outer wellbeing and giving ourselves opportunities to rest, take it slow, and find our ease.

One of the biggest cosmic events to unfold in January is the changing of the Lunar Nodes. The Lunar Nodes represent a mathematical point between the Sun and the Moon, and indicate both our personal and collective karma.

The North Node represents where we are heading and how our energy is manifesting, whereas the South Node represents our past, where we have been, and even our past lives.

In January 2022, the Lunar Nodes shift from Gemini and Sagittarius over to Taurus and Scorpio. The North Node moving to Taurus indicates that this is our focus for the next 18 months. The South Node moving to Scorpio indicates this is what we are building upon or moving away from over the next 18 months.

Taurus rules over the environment, the state of our planet, our foundations, our stamina levels, our feelings of self-worth, and our relationship with abundance. Essentially, the North Node shifting into Taurus indicates that it’s time to start building a solid foundation.

The South Node moving into Scorpio indicates that in order to build this solid foundation, we need to embrace and bring acceptance to the cycles of death and rebirth that have occurred in the past. By doing so, we can ensure the foundation we build will be sturdy and stable.

We will explore more on the Nodes in the months to come as each Eclipse we have in 2022 will activate our nodal lessons, but this is a fresh new energy we all get to work with on both a personal and collective level.

Let’s now take a look into some of the other key astrological events for January 2022-

January Astrology 2022

January 2- Capricorn New Moon

The Capricorn New Moon is our burst of fresh energy in an otherwise sluggish month. This New Moon is a great time to set ambitious goals and to actually take action steps to make them happen. This is a time to not just put your wishes out into the Universe, but to actually walk the talk! With the retrograde activity, we may not see results straight away but know that the small actions you take under this New Moon will be nurtured by the cosmos and blossom in the months to come.

January 8- Sun Conjunct Venus

Also known as the Venus Starpoint, this is a time where Venus is reborn as a morning star. This signifies our own rebirth of the heart and may part the clouds, revealing new insights when it comes to matters of the heart. If you have been dealing with issues in your relationships or even in regards to your own health, it is at this point that you may start gaining some clarity or seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

January 14- Mercury Retrograde

The first Mercury Retrograde of the year has begun! This is a time of reflection and to work with what is already on our plates rather than introduce anything new. Mercury Retrograde is also a time where we can reflect on how we are choosing to communicate with ourselves and others. As this Mercury Retrograde will start in Aquarius, an air sign, and end in Capricorn, an earth sign, our attention may be drawn to focus on how we can free ourselves from judgemental and controlling thought patterns.

January 17- Cancer Full Moon

The Cancer Full Moon carries some strong, bold energies that are likely to trigger a sharp release in energy. It will be important under this Full Moon to protect our energy levels and to be gentle with whatever emotions float into our awareness. There may be some heaviness around this time, so be sure to make time to rest and recharge. Releasing emotions through having a good cry, a good laugh, or a good sweat session may come in handy! Under these potent Full Moon energies, we may also see something being released from our lives, or we may reach a level of completion when it comes to something we have been working on.

January 18- Uranus Direct

Uranus is the planet of awakening, change, and liberation. Uranus was highly active all through 2021, and will be triggered again as it stations direct. Uranus has been traveling retrograde since August 2021, so we may notice themes around that time resurface in some way. It could also be that any changes or radical shifts we made at that time can now be further cemented or stabilized in our life.

January 19/20- Aquarius Season Begins

The Sun moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius is sure to bring some lightness our way! As we shift from earth to air, energy moves up our body, helping us to feel a little more energized. As our mental processes are stimulated, we may also find ourselves exploring new ideas or thinking of new ways to approach things. With Mercury still in retrograde, this shift may be subtle, but an awakening moment is on offer if we tune into it.

January 19- The Lunar Nodes Change Signs

This is one of the key events for 2022! The Lunar Nodes rest along an axis, giving us the North Node and a South Node. To think of it simply, the North Node is where we are heading and the South Node is where we have been. The North Node shifting into Taurus indicates a focus towards environmentalism, the state of the planet, and the finance sector. On a personal level, the North Node in Taurus will be guiding us to create a solid and stable foundation. The South Node in Scorpio indicates the transformations of the past will be our guide. We may still have to let some things go in order to create the solid foundation we are looking for. The Eclipses for the next 18 months or so, will be the triggers for these lessons and areas of growth.

January 29- Venus Direct

Venus stations direct after being retrograde since December 19. This is a powerful day when it comes to matters of the heart and our relationships. Stability, awareness, understanding, and compassion will flow, allowing us to see things in a clearer light. Venus stationing direct also indicates that we are ready to move out into the world with our newly reborn hearts


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