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Intuitive Astrology Forecast for October 2022

October 2022 is a big month! It begins with six major planets in retrograde including – Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. As the we journey through the month however, Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn will all station direct, minimizing the flow of retrograde energy and kickstarting a new cycle of planetary energy.

October also brings an incredibly healing, but perhaps also confronting Aries Full Moon, which will launch us deep into Eclipse Season.

Eclipse Season is always a highly transformative time. The first Eclipse of the season is a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse, which takes place on October 25. The second Eclipse of the Season is a Blood Moon Eclipse in the sign of Taurus. While this Blood Moon Eclipse won’t manifest until November 8, we will definitely be feeling it all through the month of October.

Eclipses represent jumps in our soul path and soul evolution. They tend to bring stand out events or awakenings that can catapult our soul to the next chapter.

We have been working with this particular cycle of Eclipses since November 2021. Since then, we have had two more Eclipses in this series which fell in April and May of 2022. Under this October-November Eclipse cycle, we could very well see a common thread or theme emerging from these times.

Another major cosmic event this month is Mars Retrograde. Mars is the planet of action, energy, and motivation. When it enters retrograde, we are challenged to think about how we are spending our energy and what drives our motivation. We may also have to look back at past actions and how those actions may be helping or harming us.

Mars Retrograde can definitely mess with our energy levels, but this is usually because we have some work to do, or something we need to address before we can move ahead. Things can feel extra sluggish when Mars is in Retrograde, and we may feel that every step forward brings a need to step back.

Let’s take a look at the key astrological aspects of the month.

October Astrology 2022

October 1- Venus Opposite Jupiter

This is a subtle energy, but I wanted to include it as it’s a good one! Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Venus is the planet connected to the heart, so here we have beautiful heart-expanding energy! This is a great day to focus on self-love and self-compassion. Make some time to enjoy yourself and to enjoy life! If you are feeling out of sorts, imagine breathing in this energy as a pink light. On every inhale, feel the love that Venus can activate through this pink light. On every exhale, see this pink light removing all that is heavy or makes you feel unworthy.

October 2- Mercury Direct

Mercury stations direct after being retrograde since September 9. Mercury will take until October 15 to return to its former strength and speed, so give it a bit of time. Mercury stationing direct can reveal hidden insights, new information, and intuitive messages. Things that felt cloudy can become clearer, and we can see things with a new clarity. We may also find it easier to have difficult conversations and to negotiate contracts.

October 8- Pluto Direct

Pluto as been retrograde since April 29th, but it now stations direct bringing an end to its retrograde cycle. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, so as it emerges from this chapter, we may be able to see with greater clarity all the ways we have transformed. If we have experienced any endings, we may begin to see how those endings are guiding us in a new direction.

October 9- Aries Full Moon

The Aries Full Moon carries some volatile energy that is likely to trigger a healing of sorts. While the results of this healing are positive, the journey to get there may be a little confronting or perhaps even aggravating. We also may reach a point where we begin to release the idea of healing in favor of simply getting on with things. We can sometimes reach a point where we become so obsessed with healing, that we lose sight of our journey and the feelings of calm we are trying to create. We may also realize that we need to loosen our control or expectations of how we expect this healing to play out. This Full Moon may also help us to realize that eventually, we have to let go and allow the healing to take place in its own time.

October 17-19- Arcturus Gateway

The Sun aligns with the super star Arcturus, allowing high-frequency energy to beam down to the planet. Arcturus is a star associated with prosperity, abundance, and psychic energies. Arcturus is also believed to be home to an advanced alien race that leads with love and compassion.

October 22- Venus Star Point

Another subtle, yet beautiful energy as Venus aligns with the Sun. This is known as the Venus Star Point energy and shifts Venus from a morning star into an evening star. It is said that when Venus is a morning star, the love it radiates shines outward, but when Venus becomes an evening star, the love it radiates shines within. This shift helps to evoke feelings of self-love, self-compassion, and may direct our attention to what we need, rather than what those around us expect.

October 23- Sun in Scorpio

The Sun shifts out of air sign, Libra into water sign, Scorpio. This energy shift can draw our energy inward and make us curious about the root of our thought patterns and habits. We may experience a breakthrough in understanding why we operate the way we do, or we may have an ah-ha moment that guides us to make changes in our lives. Scorpio Season can make us extra sensitive, but the more in tune we become, the greater our awareness, the greater our perception, and the greater our understanding.

October 23- Saturn Direct

Saturn stations direct after being retrograde since June 4th. This represents a turning point in Saturn’s energy, and a time where we may begin to see how our challenges have shaped us and opened us to new opportunities. Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma, and as it travels retrograde, it gives us an opportunity to clear and transcend any karmic debts. As Saturn stations direct again, it often leaves a gift, celebrating all of our efforts and hard work!

October 25- Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse

This is one of the main features of the month and opens a portal to a new chapter in our lives. We may find issues from April-May 2022, needing to be revisited or similar themes presenting. Eclipses tend to bring fated events into our lives that catapult us to the next level of evolution. They challenge us to raise our consciousness and make clear-cut decisions about the direction of our lives. As this is a Solar Eclipse, it may bring a new perspective on how we have been choosing to see things. Something from our past may also be resolved or completed, creating space for something new to emerge. This Eclipse will work in tandem with the upcoming Blood Moon Eclipse next month.

October 28- Jupiter in Retrograde re-enters Pisces

Jupiter first entered Pisces back in May 2021, but moved into Aries earlier this year in May. This is the first time Jupiter entered Aries in 12 years, creating a new wave of energy to work with. As Jupiter has been traveling retrograde these last few months, it has worked its way back into Pisces once more to wrap up loose ends and tie up any unfinished business. We may notice Jupiter in Pisces themes coming back around for clearing.

October 30- Mars Retrograde Begins

Mars Retrograde begins on October 30, but it’s likely we will already be feeling its effects before this day. Mars is the planet that rules over our energy levels, our ability to take action, and our feelings of motivation. With Mars entering retrograde, these areas of our lives may come into focus in some way. We may find it more challenging to manage our energy levels, taking action may feel more challenging, or we may start questioning our motivation. Mars Retrograde can manifest for everyone differently, but it is known to be a bit of a sluggish time. It can also bring burnout or the need to really rest and recuperate.

October 31- Halloween & The Pleiades

Halloween gets its roots from the pagan festival of Samhain, which celebrates the midway point between the Equinox and the Solstice. This is a time when the veil between worlds is believed to be thin, and we can access higher realms with greater ease. The Pleiades constellation, which is also synonymous with death and rebirth, is also high in the sky at this time of year, which is also said to signify and amplify these Samhain energies.


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