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Intuitive Astrology Forecast July 2022

We enter July on the tail end of the ultra-sensitive June 28th Cancer New Moon. While we may be feeling a little raw as the calendar flips over to July, things will quickly shift as we receive a burst of high-frequency energy from the Sirius Portal.

Peaking on July 4-5, the Sirius Portal is a time where our Spirit is recharged, allowing us to feel a sense of liberation. This portal of energy will be one of the highlights of July, and can also help us receive downloads about our path forward.

As we approach the July 13th Super Full Moon, things may start to feel a little heavy or even stuck. If we have been overloading our plate or if unresolved issues have been piling up, we may begin feeling the full weight of this. Luckily, this Full Moon will be helping us to set boundaries and take responsibility for how we wish to spend our time.

As the Sun moves into Leo on July 22nd, things will lighten, allowing us to shift away from work and onto play! This trend will continue as we reach the July 28th Leo New Moon, as it carries some sweet, light energy.

The month ends with Uranus and the North Node reaching the peak of their conjunction. This combination of energy is one of the features of 2022, and although it creates some instability and wobbly energy, it is destined to bring us closer to our highest path, especially on a collective level.

Here are the key dates for July 2022-

July 4-5- Sirius Portal

Ancient astrologers called Sirius our Spiritual Sun, as it was believed to be a portal to the heavens. From July 4-5, 2022 our Sun aligns with Sirius, beaming high-frequency energies our way and allowing us to soak up its heavenly vibrations. As our Sun, which warms our physical body, and Sirius which warms our spiritual body merge, we are able to find soothing balance and harmony between our body and soul. The galactic energies from Sirius can also give us a boost, helping us to recharge and find new inspiration. In modern astrology, Sirius is associated with freedom and technological advancements. We can also use this energy to support innovation in the area of technology and to find a greater creative freedom. Sirius is also believed to be home to an advanced alien race, if you feel your Starseed origins are from Sirius, this can be a power time for you to reconnect with your Sirian gifts.

July 7- Vesta Retrograde

We have three asteroids entering retrograde this month and Vesta is the first. Vesta is the Goddess of Hearth and Fire. Her astrological symbol is that of a flame, representing our own inner flame of life force energy, passion, and power. She also represents sexual liberation and ignites our freedom to express our sexuality. Vesta’s energy is very connected to both Virgo and Scorpio. As she enters retrograde, we may notice issues around our sexuality rising up to be confronted. We may also find our attention shifting to our home and family life.

July 13- Capricorn Super Full Moon

This is the second Super Full Moon in a lineup of three. Super Full Moons are nice and close to Earth, enhancing their effects. Full Moons draw things out of us, making them a powerful time for detoxifying, release, and illumination. There is some tough-love energy around this Full Moon which is asking us to take responsibility for our actions. We may feel called to step up to the plate and take ownership of what we want or need. If we have been feeling stuck or stagnant, this Full Moon can bring a positive shift, but we will have to take the initiative to get things moving.

July 19- Chiron Retrograde

Chiron is known as the wounded healer, as it travels retrograde through Aries, we are given the gift of reflection when it comes to our healing journey. While we may find ourselves needing to address or resolve past hurts, we can also use this energy to celebrate! We don’t often celebrate or even acknowledge the hard work that we do to make ourselves more balanced, more centered, and more loving beings! We can use Chiron Retrograde as our reminder of just how far we have come. Make it a point to celebrate all the ways in which you have healed.

July 22- Leo Season Begins

As we end sensitive Cancer Season and move into fiery Leo Season, we may feel a lightness. Leo Season is about connecting with our inner fire, our passions, and our creativity. Leo is also fun-loving energy that can help us to prioritize joy and play! In 2022, as the Sun moves into Leo, it also aligns with the Goddess asteroid Ceres, which is known for bringing nourishing energy and helping us to prioritize self-care.

July 25- Juno Retrograde

Juno is the third asteroid to go retrograde this month. Juno is a Goddess Asteroid that is linked to marriage and relationships. As it enters retrograde, unspoken issues in our relationships may come up to the surface. While asteroid energy is generally subtle, tomorrow’s Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith can add to this energy.

July 26- Venus and Black Moon Lilith Conjunct

Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith can put a spotlight on our relationships and bring to the surface any hidden or unresolved issues. If things have been swept under the rug, the combination of Venus and Black Moon Lilith will help us to confront them. It is always better to get things out from under that rug and out into the open, as it helps us to know exactly where we stand. On a collective level, Venus and Black Moon Lilith coming together can put a spotlight on women’s health issues and gender inequalities.

July 28- New Moon in Leo

The Leo New Moon carries sweet, restorative energy! This is a beautiful New Moon that will encourage us to focus on self-nourishment and self-care. If you have been overdoing it or burning the candle at both ends, this New Moon will help you to create more balance. Relationships may have been on the forefront of your mind in recent days, but this New Moon can help to soften any challenges. In fact, this New Moon supports bringing lightness into your being and making time for the things that fill you up.

July 28-Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter enters retrograde in Aries and will slowly make its way back into Pisces. This will be the last time Jupiter enters Pisces for the next 12 years, so Jupiter is going to want to make sure it delivers all of its gifts before it leaves!

July 31- Uranus Conjunct North Node

This is one of the big cosmic energies for the month. Although it peaks on July 31, it is something we will feel brewing all through the month. Uranus conjunct the North Node can stir unsettling energy, making things feel very uncertain or unstable. Uranus is the planet of awakening and the North Node represents our highest destiny, so any unsettling or unstable energy is there to help push us to awaken to our highest destiny!


Forever Conscious

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