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Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter Retrograde July-November 2022

Jupiter stations retrograde on July 28, 2022, at 8 degrees of Aries, which is known as the crystal ball degree. It then leaves retrograde motion, stationing direct in Pisces on November 23, 2022.

As Jupiter enters its annual retrograde on the crystal ball degree, we may find insights, information, or intuitive downloads coming into our awareness. We may begin to see another side of things, or perhaps, we may begin to realize that our destiny is expanding, pulling us in a wider direction.

Retrograde Jupiter Revisits Pisces One Final Time

While Jupiter enters its 2022 retrograde in Aries, it will travel back into Pisces from October 28, where it will remain until December 19, making this the final time Jupiter will be in this water sign for the next 12 years.

Having Jupiter in your corner of the zodiac is considered a lucky omen! So if you are a Pisces Sun, Moon, or Rising, you will want to make the most of this final stop!

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so especially if you are a Pisces, use this window of opportunity from October 28-December 19, to expand whatever area of your life you wish to. Whatever actions, whatever seeds you plant under this energy will flourish and bloom abundantly thanks to Jupiter, so start planting those seeds!

If you are not a Pisces Sun, Moon, or Rising, don’t worry, you can also benefit from this energy and channel it to help fuel creative projects, spiritual awakenings, and musical or artistic talents.

As Jupiter makes its way across the junction between Aries and Pisces at the end of October, there will also be a theme of endings and new beginnings, this is because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and Pisces is the last.

We may find during this Jupiter Retrograde period that we are called to wrap up loose ends, or to perhaps do away with outdated dreams or habits that are preventing us from stepping into the new.

As we are dealing with retrograde energy, there is a strong possibility that we may feel this sense of endings, or things coming to a head, but we may not exactly be able to see how they will play out, or how things are going to unfold.

Each of us hold the power to gaze into our own crystal ball for answers. The answers we seek are always within us, it just depends if we are ready or willing to hear and receive them.

Under this retrograde, and with the influence of the crystal ball degree, it would be a power time to pull a card for yourself, do some intuitive work through your dreams, or channel your psychic abilities. You may just surprise yourself with how intuitive you really are!

Jupiter Expands All It Touches

As Jupiter is the planet of expansion, it is also possible under this retrograde that something from the shadows or underworld is expanded and brought into view for us.

Ancient astrologers believed that when a planet entered retrograde, it was traveling through the underworld, unearthing hidden knowledge and tapping into more of the shadow qualities that we tend to ignore.

Jupiter is generally considered the planet of light, but it too has a shadowy side. Remember, it is the planet of expansion, and just as it can expand abundance and our wishes and dreams, it can also expand the stuff we don’t want to look at, the stuff that we push away, sweep under the rug, or bottle up because it’s too painful or uncomfortable to confront.

Jupiter Retrograde may just bring some of this up to the surface for us. It may just shine a spotlight on the shadowy side of a situation we have been dealing with, or on a relationship, or even just in our own psyche.

When things expand into view, it allows us to see more details, a greater perspective, and a deeper truth. The more we look, the more we gaze into our own crystal ball, the more likely we are to see and take away.

Whatever unfolds under this Jupiter Retrograde, don’t shy away from gazing deeper. Allow your field of view to be expanded, and stay open to whatever comes into the picture. You may just gain a new perspective or be able to see things from a higher and more accurate point of view.

The day a planet stations retrograde and stations direct are the strongest days, so these are the points you will want to pay the most attention to.

Jupiter Retrograde Allows us to Revisit the Past

Retrogrades also require us to look back over the past to assess, revisit, and review things that still need our attention. The period we are covering in this retrograde is from May 2022 to early July 2022.

If something significant happened in your life during this time, expect this Jupiter Retrograde to bring more insights, more clarity, and a new, expanded view.

As always, to make this energy come alive, you need to work with it. You can do that by using the Jupiter Retrograde energies to set intention, and you can try these journal prompts and exercises.

Jupiter Retrograde Exercises

1.) Pretend you have a crystal ball in front of you, what would you like to see manifest in your future?

2.) Think of an issue that has been troubling you. In a perfect world, how would this scenario be resolved or made easier for you? Once you have written down all that comes to mind, reflect on whether any of it is actually possible right now, if so, how can you implement these plans today?

3.) This Jupiter Retrograde can expand our destiny, allowing us to add fuel to our existing hopes and dreams. How would you like to see your destiny expanded? What new ideas can you add to your current hopes and dreams?

4.) Look back from the period of May – July 2022, what has expanded in your life? What has contracted? What would you like to see more of?


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