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Intuitive Astrology: Leo Full Moon February 2022

What is getting in the way of you living up to your highest destiny? What thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and habits block you from connecting with the radiant fullness of all that you are?

The Leo Full Moon on February 16, 2022, is making cosmic beams with the Lunar Nodes, which are mathematical points in our sky that represent our highest destiny.

Under the influence of this Full Moon, we are guided to remember that our highest destiny is not some faraway place that we have to struggle to reach, but rather a small quiet space that lives within us.

Very often we are tricked into believing that living our highest density, and leading our lives from a place of purpose has to be directly tied to our career and how we are choosing to spend our time. While these can be relevant on the journey, being aligned with our purpose is more of a state of mind and state of being.

It doesn’t really matter what we do, being aligned with our purpose comes from a deeper, simpler place. Remove the complications, let go of this idea that you have to work hard to find your purpose- reprogram these beliefs so you can recognize that your purpose is found from within, not without.

Purpose, highest density, all these beautiful terms may also conjure different things within you. Observe what feelings they create. Think about what being aligned with your purpose and highest destiny feels like to you. What feelings come to mind?

(If you journal on these questions under the February 16th Full Moon, you may just be surprised what answers or insights are illuminated for you.)

These feelings may hold clues as to where you need to hold your attention, and what areas you need to explore. Sit with any thoughts that arise on this matter, and see how the Full Moon works with you to help recreate and fashion new ideas.

One of the gifts that this Full Moon offers us is also the energy of lightness. It reminds us to soften our being and to focus on creating joy. Being in a state of joy is one of the fastest ways to connect us with the Divine, and the path of our highest destiny.

The path of joy and the path of purpose are very often intertwined. By following one, we eventually find our way to the other.

If you are feeling heavy about something in your life, or frustrated by the events that are currently unfolding around you, reach out to the Full Moon. Allow its vibrations to bring some lightness into your being and into the situation.

See if you can step back and allow any heaviness or frustrating situations to soften. See if you can find the funny side of things, or at the very least, see if you can release the bonds of attachment by reminding yourself that all is temporary.

Laughter is also a powerful medicine here, so go in search of some at this time. Reach out to friends, watch a funny movie, read a funny book, allow laughter to flow through your being.

Venus and Mars are also together in a sacred union under this Full Moon, sending supercharged rays of passionate, creative, and balancing energies our way.

Venus and Mars represent the feminine and the masculine, the Goddess and the God. Both of these energies live within us, and can rebirth themselves under this Full Moon.

The rebirth of these principles can see us open our hearts wider, boost our feelings of passion, rethink our connection with both masculine and feminine energies, and help us connect to the Divine Goddess or God within.

Venus and Mars is also a highly creative force, which we can use not just for creative projects and inspiration, but also for manifestation work. By working with these energies, we can boost our magnetic powers and the air of attraction around us.

Full Moons are typically a time where energy is drawn out of us. Full Moons are points of release, however with Venus and Mars together in the sky, we can also draw energy to us, especially energy that allows us to feel empowered, sexual, passionate, creative, and in full ownership of our bodies.

If you are looking to manifest a romantic relationship, more aligned connections in your life, or the perfect teacher or mentor, this energy is particularly favorable. If you are looking to connect deeper with your body, your sexuality, or your feelings of passion for your partner or for life in general, this Full Moon will be on your side.

Use the fiery energy of the Leo Moon to embrace and own all of who you are. Feel beautiful and confident in your skin, make empowering decisions, and allow the vibrations of passion to rise up through your chakras.

Dance and movement can help with this, as can reciting self-love affirmations, and adorning your body in clothes and accessories that make you feel good.

Overall, this is a powerful Full Moon with so much goodness to offer. While we may find ourselves questioning our “purpose” and looking for deeper meaning in our lives, if we look from within the answers will reveal themselves to us.

Enjoy the vibrations of this Full Moon, and use its energy to create a balance between your masculine and feminine sides, and to support creating more passion and joy in your life.


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